Classical Jokes

One of my kitchen utensils seems to be playing classical music.
Think it’s the Chopin board.
Why couldn't the father afford to take his kids to classical music concerts?
Because he was Baroque
My neighbor came over to say,
Although not in a neighborly way,
That he'd knock me around,
If I didn't stop the sound,
Of the classical music I play.
I'm starting a music group that performs Classical Greek music.
I'm calling it Oedipal Arrangements.
What style of classical music do sheep most enjoy?
A classical musician bought a Stradivari violin
Now he is quite Baroque.
Were you born in 1789? Because you’re a real classical beauty
What do zombies call a battle between classical music composers where one of them loses their mind?
A de-Bach-le.
What type of stroke does a classical musician use when swimming?
The Bach stroke!
My theater group is writing a sci-fi thriller about classical musicians.
I'll be Bach.
There are so many jokes about classical composers I could write you a Liszt.
Which classical Greek may have actually invented baseball?
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