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The Best Aerial Photography Of 2018

The yearly aerial photography competition held by SkyPixel finally announced this year’s winners. Being the largest drone photo competition in the world, the jury had to pick out the best photo of the year from thousands of pictures, as well as 3 winners in each of the 4 main categories: sport, nature, architecture and fun.

Finally, the People’s Choice awards are chosen based on the amount of likes each photo gets from the site’s viewers. This year's grand prize was awarded to Deryk Baumgärtner for his breathtaking landscape photo of the Mt. Saint Michel, a island-castle in Normandy, France.

This locations is one of the most-visited places in France, with over 3 million tourists visiting it each year. To learn everything about this landmark, click on this link. For his stunning portrayal of the landmark, Baumgärtner received a prize consisting of $12,000 worth of camera gear, whereas the rest of the winners in each category received slightly more modest prizes.

For a full list of the 2018 aerial photo competition winners in each category, just scroll down.

The Grand Prize Winner

Title: Mont Saint Michel
Author: Deryk Baumgärtner
best drone photos 2018 Mont Saint Michel

Fun Category: First Prize Winner

TitleFlowers on the Water

Author: Khánh Phan

best drone photos 2018 Flowers on the water Khánh Phan

Fun Category: Second Prize Winner

Title: Burden salt harvest

Author: TuấnNguyễn

best drone photos 2018 Burden salt harvest
Fun Category: Third Prize Winner
Title: 花瓣雨
Author: 邱 会宁
best drone photos 2018 花瓣雨

Architecture Category: First Prize Winner

Title: Not a small HK island

Author: Panvelvet

best drone photos 2018 Not a small HK island Panvelvet

Architecture Category: Second Prize Winner

Title: Bagan

Author: Witold Ziomek

best drone photos 2018 Bagan Witold Ziomek

Architecture Category: Third Prize Winner

Title: 日照新葡京

Author: 吖震
best drone photos 2018 日照新葡京 吖震

Sport Category: First Prize Winner

Title: Running through the sand dunes

Author: Trung Pham

best drone photos 2018 Running through the sand dunes Trung Pham

Sport Category: Second Prize Winner

Title: Shadow Skier #5

Author: oberschneider.com
best drone photos 2018 Shadow Skier #5 oberschneider.com

Sport Category: Second Prize Winner

Title: Throwing IT to the moon

Author: Taavi Purtsak

best drone photos 2018 Throwing IT to the moon Taavi Purtsak

Nature Category: First Prize Winner


Author: Martin Sanchez @zekedrone

best drone photos 2018 HUNGRY HIPPOS Martin Sanchez @zekedrone

Nature Category: Second Prize Winner

Title: 足迹

Author: 王 汉冰
best drone photos 2018 足迹 王 汉冰

People's Choice: Sixth Prize

Title: Kyiv Monuments
Author: Ristenko Segiy
best drone photos 2018

People's Choice: Third Prize

Title: Infinity Road: Summer vs. Winter

Author: Michal Sadowski
best drone photos 2018

People's Choice: First Prize 

Title: Red Train

Author: sebastianmzh

best drone photos 2018 "Red Train" sebastianmzh
Cover Image: Deryk Baumgärtner
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