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The Split Second Before an Accident - 16 Photos

 The moment an accident happens is the moment everyone turns their heads to see what happened. But sometimes, you manage to catch a glimpse of that split second right before. The fleeting moment right before the ball that was just thrown hits someone in the face, or before the glass hits the ground and shatters, spilling the drink all over the floor. 

Although these moments are usually so brief you’ll miss them if you blink, some people managed to capture them on camera, either thanks to exceptional quickness or by chance. Some of these pictures will make you laugh out loud while others will make you want to warn the subjects through the screen. Take a look at these funny and unique images, that could not have better timing. 


1. She did not see that greeting comingPerfectly Times Photos giraffe kiss

2. It's almost like he knew what was about to happen when he took that selfiePerfectly Times Photos wakeboarding

3. OuchPerfectly Times Photos football

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4. There's a reason teachers always said not to lean back on your chair...Perfectly Times Photos falling

5. Attack!Perfectly Times Photos cats

6. Impressive skillsPerfectly Times Photos jumping

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7. That's also a way to say you don't feel like playing anymorePerfectly Times Photos flipping table

8. Taking it in a stridePerfectly Times Photos water

9. Oh no...Perfectly Times Photos jenga

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10. Lighting up the skyPerfectly Times Photos lightning and fireworks

11. "Wait, let me in the picture too!"Perfectly Times Photos birds

12. Snack timePerfectly Times Photos birds

13. She thought they were friendsPerfectly Times Photos duck

14. The force of NaturePerfectly Times Photos big wave

15. So close!Perfectly Times Photos tower of cups

16. "I'll always be there to catch you"Perfectly Times Photos falling
Source of images: Izismile
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