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These Puzzling Tech Fails Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

 We all get up on the wrong side of the bed from time to time. On a bad day, we can mistake salt for sugar or walk into a freezing cold shower, but most of us are lucky enough to avoid monumental blunders… Unfortunately, the people who took these 12 photos were not so lucky, and the poor souls ended up ruining their electronic devices to the point when no warranty will be able to cover them! And we must say, it’s quite useful, not to mention entertaining, to learn of all these epic tech fails!

1. "I decided to upgrade to an electric kettle this week, a detail I remembered as it burst into flames on the gas stove."

electronics and tech fails electric kettle

2. Nothing like pulling a warm pillow out of the dryer right before bedtime...

electronics and tech fails pillow in dryer

3. Here's what happens when you put a laundry detergent pod into the dishwasher

electronics and tech fails

4. If you spill acetone on your table, make sure you clean it ALL up

electronics and tech fails acetone

5. Wow, someone had a REALLY bad day...

electronics and tech fails iron

6. After 30 minutes of thorough investigation, he realized that the top left part of the screen was blurry because the screen has melted!

electronics and tech fails melted screen

7. "I couldn’t find my phone but it was connected to the Bluetooth so I figured it was somewhere in... or on the car"

electronics and tech fails phone on the car

8. This what happens when you drop your phone in a toilet

electronics and tech fails water damage phone

9. When will these fish sticks finally be ready?!

electronics and tech fails fish sticks
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10. After 15 minutes of trying to make one of the earbuds fit into the charging case, the earbud in question turned out to be a toy...

electronics and tech fails earbuds

11. The rule we should all learn today - candles and electronic devices do NOT mix well

electronics and tech fails candle TV

12. Here's a crazy idea - unpack the paper before putting it into the printer

electronics and tech fails
Source of all images: BoredPanda
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