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Hysterical Christmas Fails You’ve Got to See!

 The holiday season in 2020 was just not the same as usual, as we’ve already exemplified in a previous article - Hilarious Photos - 2020 Christmas Edition. You could say that these Christmas fails are the logical continuation of a terrible year, but that doesn’t make them any less unfortunate, does it?
Truth be told, though, a badly written Christmas card or a terrible gift aren’t that bad in a global sense. In fact, with a lighthearted mood, some fails can be quite humorous and fun... like these 15 we’ve prepared to brighten up your day and finally say goodbye to 2020!

1. A commendable attempt to fix a bad Christmas present wrapping situation

2020 Christmas Fails bad Christmas present wrapping situation
Image Source: Reddit

2. Gingerbread house - nailed it!

2020 Christmas Fails gingerbread house
Image Source: Reddit

3. Hello! Outdoors is canceled this Christmas

2020 Christmas Fails snow
Image Source: Reddit
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4. Sometimes, the sentence order matters a lot... case in point - this Christmas card

2020 Christmas Fails  Christmas card
Image Source: Twitter

5. This is the face you make when you realize you got the same outfit you're wearing as a present

2020 Christmas Fails same outfit
Image Source: Reddit

6. 'I'm starting to suspect that the perfume turned air freshener I got my wife was a fail"

2020 Christmas Fails perfume turned air freshener
Image Source: Reddit

7. We will never look at this Christmas ornament we've had since the 1980s the same

2020 Christmas Fails Christmas ornament
Image Source: Reddit

8. "My 6-year-old got tattoo markers for Christmas and disappeared for half an hour. Bonus: we can't get it to come off"

2020 Christmas Fails tattoo markers
Image Source: Reddit

9. 'Just finished painting this bird ornament and realized it's upside-down'

2020 Christmas Fails bird ornament
Image Source: Reddit

10. "Most of my gifts are stuck in a distribution center and have been for over 2 weeks. Guess my brother in law gets this"

11. "Watched my friend's dog today while they were gone, tried to get a cute picture for them and ended up with accidental gem/nightmare. Merry Christmas"

2020 Christmas Fails dog
Image Source: Reddit

12. The dogs got to the fudge these people got from family before they had a chance to open it

2020 Christmas Fails fudge
Image Source: Reddit

13. This person rented an apartment for Christmas, this is the view from the window

2020 Christmas Fails view from the window
Image Source: Reddit

14. This person found out that buying one Brussels sprout on the Walmart website means 1 sprout and not 1 bag this Christmas

2020 Christmas Fails Brussels sprout
Image Source: Twitter

15. This 12-year-old set his lawn aflame with a magnifying glass he got this Christmas

2020 Christmas Fails 12-year-old set his lawn aflame with a magnifying glass he got this Christmas
Image Source: Facebook
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