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17 Terrible Cake Fails That Will Give You a Good Laugh!

 Professional bakers, supermarket cake makers, and everyone who decides to gift a homemade cake even though they know nothing about baking know one universal truth, a secret. That secret is: no matter how bad and unprofessional the cake looks like, it will always be eaten just because it's cake, and all cake is delicious. This is exactly why some people get away with just a laugh after creating the most terrible-looking cakes the world had ever seen.
We're not saying that all of the 17 cakes we're about show you look or taste bad, but they all have a flaw in them that's terrible and yet absolutely hilarious at the same time. Enjoy today's batch of cake fails that will certainly make you giggle!

1. The confectioner that made this cake took the message a bit too literally

Cake Fails sent from iphone
Image Source: Imgur

2. Poor Dolly Parton had apparently melted in the heat... 

Cake Fails dolly parton
Image Source: reddit

3. That must be one special bath day!

4. Keith got a non-subtle hint from his parents for his 26th birthday

Cake Fails time to move out Keith
Image Source: imgur

5. Minnie Mouse might have had a bit too much cake herself lately...

Cake Fails Minnie Mouse
Image Source: reddit

6. Well, you can certainly say that this unicorn cake is one of a kind!

Cake Fails unicorn
Image Source: reddit

7. Sweet ^16 to Simone!

Cake Fails 16th birthday
Image Source: Instagram

8. Poor Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' doesn't look all that "bellissimo"

Cake Fails Beauty and the Beast
Image Source: reddit

9. Whichever bakery made this, they would greatly benefit from a proofreader

Cake Fails Dave happy birtday
Image Source: twitter

10. That mirror glaze attempt sadly doesn't look all that appetizing

Cake Fails mirror glaze
Image Source: reddit

11. Yet another disastrous Disney princess cake!

Cake Fails ariel
Image Source: reddit

12. For those who are also puzzled: this was supposed to be a red velvet Christmas tree cake

Cake Fails christmas tree cake
Image Source: reddit

13. This dragon cake is begging you to eat it!

Cake Fails  dragon cake
Image Source: reddit

14. "What could be so difficult about making a rainbow crepe cake?" - They thought...

Cake Fails rainbow crepe cake
Image Source: reddit

15. Santa, are you ok?

Cake Fails Santa
Image Source: reddit

16. Mom doesn't look all that happy with the number you wrote there, just sayin'

Cake Fails 1001 birthday
Image Source: Chad Riden

17. We're pretty sure that "under neat" should be an instruction, as in "underneath"

Cake Fails underneath
Image Source: imgur
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