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Smartphone Guides and Tips

 Smartphones are notorious for being overly complicated and having hundreds of features unfathomable to the average person, especially if you’re past the age of 15. To make your life just a little easier and help you feel more comfortable using smartphones, we created this 10-article long collection full of useful smartphone tips and guides, because everyone deserves to get the most of their expensive mobile device!
There are many misleading myths that evolved over time about charging your phone, and most of them are completely wrong. These myths are not only false but can actually do more harm than good, and reduce the total life span of your battery. So for those of us who want to keep our phone battery charged as long as possible, these are the myths you should avoid.

7 Secret Tips For Android And iPhone

The two biggest smartphone operating systems in the world come from Apple and Google respectively. While the two companies will go to great lengths to tell us about all the features they would like to highlight, they have been known to omit certain things in their presentations so users can have some fun discovering them themselves.
The cell phone has to be one of the most important inventions of modern times. You can contact someone living in the opposite part of the world, write messages that are received instantly, and find all kinds of wonderful news and entertainment online. But, phones do so much more than perform these basic functions. Here are 7 particular special tricks your cell phone can do.
Scientists can't seem to make up their minds about cell phones. Do they produce radiation? Yes. Is the radiation they produce harmful to us? They aren't sure. However, putting all their reports together, a pattern of tips and precautions becomes clear.
This guide will show you how to “re-purpose” your device, in other words, turn it into something else, such as a radio, gaming console, e-reader, media center or another gadget. Without further ado, here are 12 ways in which you can give your old Android smartphone a new lease of life.
Android smartphones are full of wonderful settings and features that make our lives easier and simpler. While many of these are hard to miss, there are quite a few extremely useful features that not many people know about, and you'll find ten of our favorite ones below, as well as how to activate them.
Over 5 billion people around the world own a cellphone, which is one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology that our planet has ever seen. However, while most people know how to use the most basic phone functions, there are a lot of other useful functions that often go unnoticed by most users. Keep reading to find out what some of the best ones are!
There are myriad of great apps out there, but it's often the case that you have to pay to download them. That general rule certainly doesn't apply to the apps you're about to discover below, however, and that's because they're entirely free! Enjoy 5 awesome free apps for Android, as well as 5 awesome free apps for iOS.

Make Healthier Use of Your Smartphone

How many times do you check your smartphone during the day? It is reasonable to assume that you do this a few dozen times, if not a few hundred times, and of course, it’s not just to check the time or whether you missed a call... Smartphones are used by many of us as a refuge from unwanted feelings, but is it a healthy use of the mobile device?
Nowadays, most people practically consider their smartphone as one of their appendages, since it is on them almost 24/7. That's why it is of the utmost importance to ensure that we take proper care of them. Unfortunately, many people end up damaging their phones without even realizing that they are doing so, and here are 9 of the most common ways this happens.
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