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15 Hilarious Parking Fails

 French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre famously stated that hell is other people, and nowhere is this statement truer than on the road. Except maybe the parking lot. How often do you see some clown taking up two parking spaces or parking where he really, really shouldn’t? Well, we can tear our hair out in frustration at these idiots, or we can point and laugh at them, especially when karma hits them where it hurts, as you can see in these hilarious photos below.
1. The longer you stare at this image, the dumber it gets
Parking fails: stupidity
2. Fast delivery, right into your home!
Parking fails: FedEx
3. Snug and cozy
Parking fails: space
4. But HOW?!
Parking fails: ball
5. This is what total anarchy looks like
Parking fails: anarchy
6. Some people are just better than others
Parking fails: selfish
7. Special parking space for special, special princesses
Parking fails: princess
8. Well, that is unfortunate
Parking fails: truck crush
9. Creative chalk art
Parking fails: chalk parking
10. Is your sedan longer than these two jeeps it's parking beside?
Parking fails:
11. “Four by four” doesn’t mean you can take up four parking spaces, jackass
Parking fails: four by four
12. “I’m just going to grab a quick cup of coffee and PARK ON A TRAM RAILWAY"
Parking fails: tram
13. Seesaw parking
Parking fails: seesaw
14. What a nice, shady parking spot
Parking fails: shopping carts
15. Why you should never park in front of a fire hydrant
Parking fails: fire hydrant
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