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17 Wise Quotes from Ancient Greek Philosophers

 "How can I reach happiness?" It is a question that laments in the hearts of each and every one of us and has been asked by humans since ancient times. The classical Greek philosophers, who discovered many of the most important foundations of modern Western science and philosophy, were also among the first to deal with this question, as well as many other issues concerning human existence and the feelings that surround it.
Their insights and statements are not only a subject for academic study, but they also contain valuable life wisdom that can be used today, and help to see the reality and the world in which we live in a clearer and sharper way, as well as finding our unique way to happiness and satisfaction. From Socrates to Aristotle, from Plutarch to Pythagoras – we invite you to read through 17 wonderful inspirational quotes that will present you with the wisdom of ancient Greece.
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