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8 Lessons We Can All Learn from the Bamboo

Nature provides us with valuable lessons about life that we can learn from the animals and plants surrounding us. A simple bamboo plant holds significant symbolism for the Japanese people and teaches us important lessons about life. This humble plant looks anything but inspiring, and yet, its strength, determination and simplicity are a source of great inspiration. Would you like to know why? In this article, we will explain...

8 Life Lessons from bamboo


1. What looks weak may be strong

Despite not being as grand as other plants, bamboo can withstand extreme weather conditions and remain standing even after severe storms. This teaches us that even things that seem weak can be strong.
We should not underestimate others just because they are bigger and seem stronger than us. It is possible that there is a power hidden within you that is not found in them, and it is possible that this is the power that will decide at the moment of truth. The thin trunks of the bamboo forest allow sunlight to penetrate into it, unlike other thick forests that block every ray of light. Just like him, remember that the greatest strength of each and every one of us lies in the level of generosity, compassion and cooperation we are willing to give to others, and not necessarily in our size or degree of success.

2. Bend, but don't break

One of the most impressive things about the bamboo plant is the way it bends in the face of strong winds. His gentle movement is the symbol of his modesty; The plant is fundamentally very strong, yet it moves in complete harmony with the wind and does not oppose it. If a tree of its size and thickness tried to resist, it would break easily, and therefore we have an important lesson to learn from this plant.

Just like bamboo, it is important to be flexible in life. The winds of change will come, and it's better to bend with them than to resist and break. At the same time, it's important to maintain your values and beliefs. Striking a balance between flexibility and stability is key.

3. Let your roots anchor you, but keep them flexible

The bamboo has its roots deep in the soil, but allows them to be flexible and free. This way, you can maintain stability while also adapting to the changes life throws at you.
Many of us face the challenge of balancing our desire to explore new places while staying connected to our environment. To achieve this, we must remain flexible and adaptable. By keeping our roots flexible, we can make any place our home and strengthen our foundation. 

8 Life Lessons from bamboo


4. Always be prepared

The bamboo reminds us of the principles of Aikido, where fighters are always prepared for action, much like the bamboo plant that inspires them. As Aikido master Kensho Furuya said, flexibility is key to being ready for anything.
Just like bamboo, we should always be ready to take action whenever the need arises. The key is not to be constantly on guard, but to strengthen ourselves by continuously learning and training in every area we wish to succeed in. The knowledge and skills we acquire will prove invaluable in helping us overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

5. Find wisdom in unlikely places

It is important to remember that wisdom can be found even in unlikely places, such as the seemingly empty interior of the bamboo. Despite its hollowness, it can still be used to construct strong and durable structures and tools.
This section is split into two parts. Firstly, it is vital to create space within ourselves, like bamboo, to acquire new knowledge. Just like a full glass cannot hold additional liquids, our minds cannot welcome new ideas unless we let go of our fixed prejudices. Secondly, there is valuable knowledge to gain from sources that may seem irrelevant to us. Therefore, it is important to keep an open mind and not to judge something as empty until we have investigated it thoroughly.

6. Embrace the efficiency of simplicity

Kensho Furuya, the Aikido master, once said, "Bamboo represents its effectiveness in its simplicity. Man should do the same." Indeed, sometimes we put a lot of effort into showing others how smart we are or how worthy of attention and praise we are, but often this way we complicate many things and fail only because of the attempt to impress, which stems from the fear that others will know who we really are. The simple bamboo can serve us a lot in our lives, and in Japanese culture, you can see its presence in many products, even heavy in clothing details.
Life is complex enough without us throwing additional difficulties at ourselves. If we could live without fear, we might find simpler and more creative solutions to our problems, and in the end that's exactly what we'd want to do. Live simply without fear or apprehension of appearing too simple. This is what will help you to be more creative and efficient in finding solutions to your problems.


8 Life Lessons from bamboo

7. Commit to growing and renewing yourself

Bamboo is a rapidly growing plant that can reach great heights of up to 35 meters. It can grow at an impressive pace of 60 cm per meter per day. Although some bamboo plants grow faster than others, they all grow steadily and consistently. 

Just like bamboo, everyone has the potential to grow and develop, no matter who they are or where they are in life. Sometimes it may feel like progress is slow, but it's important to keep moving forward and not give up. Every day is an opportunity for growth and positive change. 

8. Get back up after every fall

Japanese culture regards bamboo as a lucky symbol and an essential emblem during New Year's celebrations. The bamboo plant's ability to remain upright and recover after enduring a tough or challenging time is widely appreciated. During winters, the heavy snow can bend the bamboo plant to the point where its top touches the ground, but it regains its upright stance once the snow melts off. Similarly, every one of us experiences challenging times that can weigh us down, but with perseverance and hope, we can overcome them. It may seem tough now, but remember that spring always follows winter, and the snow will eventually melt away. Do not give up, for it is only when you emerge victorious from a crisis that you recognize your true strength. Remember to always get back up after every fall and keep pushing yourself to become the best version of yourself. With commitment and dedication to constant growth, you will continue to progress and succeed.

A few last words...

There are definitely some valuable lessons that we may have forgotten over time, but the bamboo acts as a good life teacher to remind us of them. It is now our responsibility to utilize these lessons in our daily lives. Among all the lessons, the most crucial one is that we do not have to attain perfection, but instead, we should aim to be resilient, sturdy, and flexible - just like the bamboo plant.

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