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Animals Behaving Badly

 Most of the time animals melt our hearts and fill our lives with love. Like humans they too have their moods and own sense of humor, sometimes to our detriment. Here are some examples of when animals are pure jerks, and boy do these instances make you laugh.


"You're missing the best part".

“I have a better idea”.

"You look like you need a dip".

“Made you look”.

"And we all fall down".

The real question: why are they at the vet?

"I wonder what this does".

“Come on in, it's nice in here”.


“At long last, there’s a advantage to this trap” .

"I win".

"You look like you needed that".

"Buzz off, Jed".


“Not now human”.

"Ooh, lunch time!"

"You won’t miss this, will you?"

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