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The Most Unusual Border Crossings in the World

 Borders are usually pretty drab places - they personally make me think of barriers, gates and guards, but there are certain borders around the world that are the complete opposite of what you'd normally come to expect. As you'll see below, sometimes borders are just symbolic lines passing through a restaurant or country road. In other instances, there are no markings at all! See for yourself below:
Germany — Czech Republic
This stunning scenery marks the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. Is this the most beautiful border in the world?
Norway — Sweden
You can snowmobile into Norway from Sweden via this slope! 
Poland — Ukraine
A giant fish created by Polish artist Jaroslaw Koziara marks the border between Poland and the Ukraine. Half of it is in one country, and the other half is in the other. 
Sweden — Finland
If you fancy a round of golf, you can go and play one at the Finnish-Swedish border! 
Argentina — Brazil — Paraguay
To the left is Argentina, to the right is Paraguay and at the top of the image is Brazil.
Brazil — Uruguay
The sidewalk denotes the border between Brazil and Uruguay. Brazil is to the left, and Uruguay is to the right.
Canada — United States
Derby Line is a town on the US-Canada border, and the border runs right through the middle of its buildings! Take a look at the black line on the floor of this restaurant.
Belgium — Netherlands
Imagine being able to enter a cafe in the Netherlands and exit it in Belgium. It's a reality at the place above.
Nepal — China
Mount Everest's peak marks the border between China and Nepal.
Germany — Netherlands
This border isn't quite as eye-catching as the others we've shown you, but it's still pretty unusual. It runs straight through the middle of the Eurode business center, and is marked by a metal strip. 
Russia — United States
This island lies between Russia and the United States. It's 35 kilometers away from both Chukotka in Russia, and Alaska. Despite the proximity of the two places, the time difference is 21 hours.
China — Mongolia
If you decide to drive from China to Mongolia, or vice versa, you'll be greeted by two kissing dinosaurs.
Content and Image Source: Brightside
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