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9 Recommended Attractions in The Balearic Islands of Spain

Sun shining in the sky, warm and pleasant weather all year round, sea and beaches, breathtaking views, vibrant cities providing a perfect vacation atmosphere - who doesn’t dream about all these things? This is a fantasy common to many, and some would even say they make up the perfect vacation. For all of these, there’s no need to go to the Caribbean because they can be found in a small group of islands on the western edge of the Mediterranean. These are the Balearic Islands, located on the coast of Spain, which include 5 islands that offer plenty of attractions for every type of tourist. To get to know them a bit more and understand why this is a place that visitors flock to from all over the world, we’ve prepared a list of their 9 best attractions, and we’re sure that it will make you feel like leaving all responsibilities behind and finding your way there now.

1. Palma de Mallorca

spainThe capital of the Balearic Islands and the best-known city in this region has been a prime tourist destination for many years, and for good reason. The comfortable weather here, the beaches, the entertainment options and the vibrant urban life that exists here 24 hours a day attract many to Mallorca. Among the most sought-after attractions and destinations in the city is the famous La São Cathedral, built in 1601 in French Gothic style and considered the architectural symbol of the city, as well as the nearby palace of Almudaina, which was the residence and government center of the 14th century Catholic kings. After visiting the city's various sites, you can also spend some time on one of its beautiful beaches - such as the popular Playa de Palma, which is 10 km away from the center.spain

2. Old Town in Ibiza

spainThe island of Ibiza has been famous all over the world in recent years, mainly for one reason: the vibrant nightlife, the clubs and mass beach parties that attract crowds of young people every summer. But even if you aren’t one someone looking for entertainment of this kind, you really shouldn’t miss out on this island - especially because of its beautiful old town, which has already been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city which sits at the top of a hill surrounded by old Roman statues made of stone was built in the 16th century, and since being recognized by UNESCO, has been renovated several times. During your visit here, you can walk through the maze of narrow streets of the "Upper Town" as it is called, and literally be sucked back into the Middle Ages.spain

3. Puerto Portals

spainIf you want a small taste of luxury and a fashionable and glamorous lifestyle, you are welcome to visit the resort town of Puerto Portals, just 25 minutes' drive from Palma de Mallorca. This town is the place to see and be seen in the Balearic Islands, and apart from the sight of prestigious yacht fleet anchored here, you can enjoy a round of boutiques and designer restaurants, the prices of which are of course fitting with the spirit of the place.spain

4. Valldemossa Monastery

spainFor a bit of pastoral peace in a spiritual setting, head 17 km away from Palma de Mallorca, to the Tramuntana Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, where the charming little village of Valldemossa is situated, with a monastery that dates back to the end of the 14th century; the monastery was originally built as the residence of the royal family, but with time, the king dedicated it to the Christian cartesian order, which turned it into what it is today, a very impressive building with several art museums under its roof, presenting historical works that attract many interested visitors. Not far from the fortress is the Valldemossa port where you’ll find a number of fish restaurants that expertly serve local and delicious dishes.spain

5. Beaches of Formentera Island

spainIf you want to escape the bustle of the beaches in Mallorca or Ibiza, you are invited to get to know the best-kept secret in the Balearic Islands: the small and peaceful Formentera island, located near Ibiza which you can reach by ferry. The people of Formentera are proud of their efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the island - and indeed, as soon as you set foot here, you’ll be impressed with this power. If you wish, you can stroll through beautiful Formentera by cycling, or alternatively, just lie on one of the island’s magical beaches, where the sand is white, the water clear, and the view is undoubtedly amazing in its beauty.spain

6. Marineland

spainIf you’re traveling to the Balearic Islands with the whole family, do not miss going with your kids to Marineland, a marine park located on the island of Mallorca. There are many attractions here, starting with the parks dolphin show, which is filled with tricks that’ll bring true joy to your children and perhaps even you. Beyond that, there is also a reptile pavilion with a display of giant snakes from all over the world, one of the largest living shark collections in Europe, as well as crocodiles, parrots and many sea animals that will leave your children fascinated for at least a few good hours.spain

7. Mahón

spainA little more comfort, a relaxed atmosphere of a holiday village combined with a fishing town and breathtaking views, is what you’ll get when visiting Mahón - the capital of the island of Menorca, strategically located, with a beautiful natural harbor and an excellent location that protects from wind and stormy weather. The atmosphere in the town, like everything you'll find on the islands, is relaxed, pleasant and suitable for a day trip with the whole family. Stroll through the stone-paved streets of the old town, stop at the Plaza de Espana for a traditional market experience, marvel at the 18th century Neoclassical Church of Iglesia del Carmen, and admire the beautiful harbor views at Miranda Square.spain

8. The antiquities site Talatí de Dalt

spainIf you come to the Balearic Islands not only to soak up the sun, sunbathe on the beach and travel in the beautiful and tranquil cities, you might also want to learn a bit about the ancient history of the region. Located only 5 km from Mahón, you’ll find stone monuments that survived from the Bronze Age, around 1300 BC and represent the architecture of ancient cultures that lived on the island of Menorca in ancient times.spain

9. Puerto de San Miguel and the caves of Can Marca 

spainAn almost Caribbean atmosphere will greet you in Puerto de San Miguel - formerly a fishing village and now a water sports center: diving, snorkeling, rowing and boating, and of course fishing. The hidden bay sits on Puerto de San Miguel with fishing boats passing by, and the view from the cliffs surrounding it is striking, which is why it’s worth a visit even if you aren’t a fan of water sports. Another attraction on the island is the Can Marca Caves, which are studded with stalagmites and sentries and are used as a natural site for fascinating tours, accompanied by lights and sounds.

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