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These Then and Now Photos Show How Things Change Over Time

Nothing in our life is constant. Time keeps changing everything. When we look back at our childhood pictures today, they feel almost surreal. Our hometowns have changed. Our cities keep transforming. Even the people around us have changed so much, proving every day that time affects every little thing in our world. Sometimes the changes are good and sometimes these changes make us yearn for our past even more.
In this collection of pictures we’ve shared below, you will get to see yet again how time affects everything in the world. These poignant images will certainly get you thinking. Take a look. 

1. The magnificent Arctic 103 years ago (top) and today (bottom). 

‘Then And Now’ Pics, Arctic
Image source: Reddit/Sumit316

2. The Shambles in York, UK (an old street with some buildings that are from the fourteenth century), from the 1800s and today.

‘Then And Now’ Pics, The Shambles
Image source: Reddit/willgfty

3. Bike ride at the same spot in Kreuzberg, Berlin, in 1985 and 2018.

‘Then And Now’ Pics,  Kreuzberg, Berlin
Image source: Reddit/jofurch

4. Chichen Itza, a huge ruined ancient Mayan city, in 1892 (top) and today (bottom).

‘Then And Now’ Pics, Chichen Itza,
Image source: Reddit/KillaDee

5. Traces of the World War I trenches still remain more than 100 years later. 

‘Then And Now’ Pics, World War I
Image source: Reddit/ASTER-6

6. Utrecht, Netherlands - 1982 vs. 2020. Amazingly, they converted the highway to a canal. One of the rare occasions where change has indeed been for the better. 

‘Then And Now’ Pics, Utrecht, Netherlands, canal
Image source: Reddit/Hell_Camino

7. These two pics, taken 100 years apart, are from the same location it a small village in Trent, UK. 

‘Then And Now’ Pics, small village
Image source: Reddit/Hobbz11

8. The Flatiron Building, New York (1917 and 2012).

‘Then And Now’ Pics, The Flatiron Building, New York
Image source: Reddit/chriscambridge

9. This is St Bartholomew's Gatehouse from London, UK. It was built in 1595 and at some point, it was bricked over. The structure was also bombed during a WW 1 raid and was later restored. The two pics below are from 1916 and 2020.

‘Then And Now’ Pics, St Bartholomew's Gatehouse from London

10. The Atomic Bomb Dome site - this is where the first atomic bomb in human history was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945. These two pictures were taken 75 years apart.

‘Then And Now’ Pics, Atomic Bomb Dome
Image source: Reddit/wdsoi

11. Singapore 2000 vs. now. That is a seriously stunning transformation! 

‘Then And Now’ Pics, Singapore
Image source: Reddit/BS-Bumay

12. Batumi, Georgia, in 2012 and 2020. Incredible changes in just eight years...

‘Then And Now’ Pics, Batumi, Georgia
Image source: Reddit/zorkolu

13. The exact same spot in San Francisco, California (1920 and 2020). 

‘Then And Now’ Pics,  San Francisco, California
Image source: Reddit/shefoundnow

14. A young soldier (right) poses at the same location in Louisiana, US, in 2017 where his great grandfather, a veteran, did (left) in 1917.

‘Then And Now’ Pics,
Image source: Reddit/Goat_Overlord

15. Early Los Angeles compared to 2001. Seems like so much has changed!

‘Then And Now’ Pics, Los Angeles
Image source: Reddit/chazwazzle
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