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10 Facts that May Save Your Life

Most people can go through their life without being put in life-threatening situations, but sometimes, remembering what to do in such a case can make the difference between tragedy and a scary memory. Memorize these 10 simple facts and you just might be thankful you did one day, although I hope you never do.


1. The limits of the human body often follow the “Rules of Three”:

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter from the elements
  • 3 days without drinking
  • 3 weeks without eating
Life-Saving Facts

2. If you find yourself caught in a riptide and being pulled out to sea, remain calm and swim parallel to the shore.

Trying to fight the riptide is more likely to lead to exhaustion – the main cause of drowning.

3. If you’re in a burning building – keep your head down.

Fire victims often die from inhaling smoke rather than the fire itself. Poisonous smoke is hot and will rise while fresh air will remain close to the ground (Cover your face with a wet towel for extra protection).

Life-Saving Facts

4. In a situation where you are crying for help, be specific.

Calling specific people (“You with the blue shirt!”) will increase the likeliness of them helping you. Being called out puts them in an accountable position, reducing the likeliness of the “bystander effect” (the more people around, the more people feel like it's not their responsibility to be the one to help.)

5. Most cell phones can dial the local emergency number when they’re locked, even without a SIM card.

Life-Saving Facts

6. Learn how to give yourself the Heimlich maneuver.

7. Do you spend more than two straight hours sitting down? Get up, stretch and walk around for 5 minutes.

Whether you have an office job or you’re traveling, sitting for prolonged periods can lead to blood clots in your calves. These clots can travel through your bloodstream and end up blocking blood flow to vital organs.

8. If you see a photo where you are the only person in a group who has ‘red eyes’, visit a doctor.

‘Red eye’ in just one person in a group may indicate a case of retinoblastoma, which is a type of eye cancer.
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Life-Saving Facts

9. If you’re a man and (for some reason) you use a pregnancy test that comes out positive, visit a doctor.

A positive test in a man may be an indicator of testicular cancer.

10. Even if the traffic light is green, it’s not necessarily safe to go.

Life-Saving Facts

Try to give yourself 2-3 seconds before you go through that green light, especially if it's a busy intersection. A large percent of deadly vehicle accidents occur because some driver wanted to beat the red light. Waiting for those precious seconds makes sure you don't take that risk.

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