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Sometimes Happiness is Hidden Under (Or In) Our Nose

 We know that music can turn a frown up-side-down, and that some comfort foods also help boost our moods, but incredibly enough, so do certain aromas.

Baby powder (Talcum Powder)
We first smelled baby powder when our parents were taking care of us as babies. Its scent, therefor, evokes strong nostalgic memories of warmth, love and safety and the results are calmness and happiness.
Citrus Fruits
Yes, eating citrus is very healthy, but have you ever wondered why so many cleaning detergents and air fresheners use the scent of citrus? The reason is that sniffing real citrus gives us an energy boost and increase our alertness. Studies even show that the scent of Lemon will reduce stress.

Fresh-Cut Grass

Australian researchers discovered that when grass is cut, it releases a chemical that helps humans relax and increases their sense of joy. The research showed that the smell can help prevent mental decline due to aging, so you might want to get out and mow the lawn…

Lavender & Jasmine Flowers

The scent of Jasmine has been shown to improve moods, while lavender has a well-documented history of easing insomnia and depression, as well as calming effects. So forget stopping and smelling the roses – go smell Jasmine and Lavender.


Studies have shown that Peppermint can improve athletic performance and breathing, while the oil produced from the leaves is a well-documented mood enhancer and stimulant.


The Japanese have a long tradition of strolling through the forest known as “shinrin-yoku”, meaning “Forest Breathing”, which was done to reduce stress as well as feelings of depression and anxiety. In the western world, it’s also reminiscent of winter holidays, which reminds us of happy times, improving our mood.


Chemicals associated to the smell of Rosemary have been shown to improve memory of complex tasks and events, and is also being tested as a possible treatment for people with memory loss.


The smell of sunscreen makes us reminiscent of days on the beach. Whether we were free children, playing in the sand and waves, or grown-ups, enjoying a relaxing vacation. These memories, in turn, give us a sense of nostalgia and peace, easing tension and reducing anxiety. So get a small whiff of the stuff and see how your day brightens up.


So, what about you? Is there a special scent that gives you joy?

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