Got High Blood Pressure? Massage These 3 Points

While high blood pressure is caused by a variety of things, its most common cause is hypertension. One of the most effective ways to treat it naturally is with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which aims to bring your body back into balance. Let's take a look:


DISCLAIMER: This article is for informative purposes only. Please consult a trained practitioner for further help and a more detailed overview. 

How It Works

Qi (or Life Force Energy) is at the heart of Chinese reflexology and TCM. It's the energy of creation and it flows through our body, just as blood circulates through our arteries and veins.

Located within the body are 12 primary channels or pathways that enable Qi to flow. When Qi is flowing through the body as it should, we are in a state of balance - we feel energized, alive and healthy. But when Qi is disrupted, the disharmony in your body will manifest as a physical symptom over time. To get a better idea of how Qi works in the body, compare it to the flow of a river. If the river is flowing smoothly, then the ecosystem is in balance. If on the other hand the river is obstructed, sediment begins to accumulate, causing blockages both upstream and downstream. 

In the body, stress tends to be the culprit that constricts the flow of Qi, causing obstructed energy in some areas and limiting energy flow to others. However, applying pressure to specific points has been known to help reduce high blood pressure. These pressure points almost always involve those that treat disharmonies in the kidney and liver meridians (energy channels that transport Qi throughout the body).

3 Reflexology and Acupressure Points for Hypertension


1. The Kidneys

Take Caution: As this point is located near an acupuncture point used for inducing labor, if pregnant, do not massage this area.
To alleviate symptoms associated with hypertension, massage the kidney point. Doing so will help boost your Qi within the kidney, strengthening and harmonizing it, thus supporting kidney function.

Where: Your kidney reflexology point is located on the soles of both feet. Imagine a horizontal line located halfway through your foot (line 3) and another at the bottom of the ball of your foot (line 2). Next, imagine a vertical line dividing your foot in half. This line intersects the horizontal lines 2 and 3.

How: Massage this point by pressing it with your thumb and rubbing it in an up and down motion for about 15 to 30 seconds. For added pressure, you may also use your knuckles. Repeat on the other foot, practicing this technique daily.

Tip: If skin irritation arises due to the friction of rubbing, stop massaging the point until the skin heals. Alternatively, you can also use a lubricant such as almond oil.

 2. The Liver

Take Caution: This point is located near an acupuncture point used for inducing labor. If pregnant, do not massage this area.
In TCM, the liver point plays a key role in ensuring the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body. Emotions, such as anger and frustration, are associated with this organ and can thus negatively impact its ability to balance and smooth the flow of Qi within the body.

Where: Located at the top of the foot, this point is found between the big toe and the second toe. To find its precise location with your thumb, trace the bones of the two toes until you feel the point at which they intersect. Then, slide your thumb about a thumb-width above this intersection and press into the 'webbing' between the bones.

How: Press and hold this point for about one minute on each foot. Besides smoothing the flow of Liver Qi in the body, it will also nourish the blood - the liver's primary function includes filtering the blood and breaking down toxins in the body.


3. The Heart

Stress and tension are often the biggest culprits that raise blood pressure and disrupt the natural flow of Qi in the body. When your body is stressed, one way to combat the feeling of tension is to locate and massage the heart point.

Where: Palm facing upwards, look at your wrist. At the base of your palm where your hand meets your wrist, you will see a crease in the skin. And while there are quite a few lines in this area, one will appear to be more prominent than the others. Once you've identified this crease, notice where the base of your ring and pinky finger meet and imagine a vertical line from this point reaching down toward your wrist crease.

How: Press on this point with your thumb and hold it down for about 60 seconds on each wrist. Do so any time you feel stressed or upset to calm yourself down.



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