Can You Spell These Famous Names?

Welcome to another one of our spelling challenges! In this fun spelling bee, you'll prove both your spelling skills and your knowledge of famous people in history and in culture today. You'll have 13 photos and descriptions of famous people. You'll need to spell their names correctly to score the question. But don't worry, you won't have to do it from scratch, you'll get a few letters of their name as a hint. Good luck!
Can you spell the name of the Nobel laureate in Literature who wrote "One Hundred Years of Solitude"?
Gabriel Garcia Marquez=G_b_iel G__c_a M__q__z
Please spell the name of the British biologist who popularized the gene-centered view of evolution?
Richard Dawkins=R_c__r_ Daw_i_s
Can you spell the name of the American jazz trumpet player known as "Satchmo"?
Louis Armstrong=L_uis A_m_tr__g
How do you spell the name of the French impressionist painter famous for his series of Water Lilies?
Claude Monet=C_a_d_ M__et
Can you spell the name of the German philosopher who wrote "Beyond Good and Evil"?
Friedrich Nietzsche=Fr_ed_i__ N__t__ch_
How do you spell the name of the Russian playwright and short-story writer known for "Three Sisters" and "The Cherry Orchard"?
Anton Chekhov=A_t_n C_ek__v
Can you spell the name of the British actress and UN Women Goodwill ambassador who starred in the "Harry Potter" film series?
Emma Watson=E__a W__s_n
an you spell the name of the Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and stage designer who spent most of his adult life in France?
Pablo Picasso=P__l_ P__a__o
How do you spell the name of the British natural historian who presented the "Planet Earth" series?
David Attenborough=D_vi_ A_t_n_or_ug_
Can you spell the name of the American social reformer and women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement?
Susan B Anthony=S__a__B An__o_y
How do you spell the name of the British musician and former member of the Beatles?
Paul McCartney=P_u_ M__a_t__y
Can you spell the name of the famous Italian painter and scientist who painted the "Mona Lisa"?
Leonardo da Vinci=L__n_r__ d_ V__c_
Can you spell the name of the Mexican painter known for her self-portraits and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexic
Frida Kahlo=F__d_ Ka_l_
Try Again
Oops! It seems like those tricky names got the better of you this time. But don't worry! Even the brightest minds can stumble when asked to spell something they don't usually need to. Remember, practice makes perfect. Take a deep breath, read up a bit on these interesting people for fun's sake, and come back to try again, we bet you'll do better.
Nicely Done
Good job! You've definitely got a solid handle on these famous names. It's evident you've been brushing up on your historical and cultural knowledge. With a bit more practice, you'll be spelling out even the toughest names with ease. Keep up the good work, and let's see if you can nail them all next time!
Wow, Superb!:
Incredible! You've not only mastered the art of spelling but have also demonstrated a commendable grasp of history and pop culture. Your flawless performance is truly impressive. You aced even the trickiest names, showing off your knowledge and attention to detail. Keep shining, spelling superstar! You're an inspiration to quizzers everywhere.
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