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Hidden Signs of Viruses in Your Phone & How to Get Rid of Them

Having your device infected with malware is one of the most frustrating parts of using a smartphone today. Malware these days can be quite tricky and dangerous and can have dire consequences for your mobile phone. They can slow down your phone, corrupt your apps, and even leak your personal information to cybercriminals.
While Android smartphones come with a slew of cool features, they are also vulnerable to various virus attacks. In fact, a number of recent warnings from Google and other researchers have shown that dangerous malware can even slide into the Google Play Store. This is a troubling scenario indeed as it means you can’t even trust the software found in this curated digital store.
Malware in Your Android Smartphone, virus

3 Signs That Your Smartphone May Have Hidden Malware

So how do we keep our mobile phones safe from viruses? Well, according to the team at security company Malwarebytes, certain tried-and-trusted signs can indicate if your Android smartphone has hidden malware. Let's take a look at them.

Malware in Your Android Smartphone, ads

* You are getting a barrage of ads everywhere irrespective of which app you are using.

* You install a new app but you can’t find its icon. Moreover, the app also seems to have disappeared from the App Drawer.

* Your phone battery is suddenly running low a lot quicker than usual. 

If you are experiencing any of the above signs in your Android device, it may be an indication that you've got some malware causing a disturbance. But what can you do about it?

Simple and Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Android Phone Virus-Free

Firstly, make sure that that your smartphone operating system is up to date. This is a crucial step and almost all security experts insist that updating to the latest software can repair the frailties that any lurking malware might have caused to your device. It can sever the access of the malicious software that has made its way in your phone's system without your knowledge. Furthermore, a system update can also bar any new malware from being able to sneak into your phone quickly.

Malware in Your Android Smartphone, system update
Secondly, perform a thorough checkup of the permissions every app in your device has. Anything that appears weird or abnormal should be investigated properly. For instance, is a photo editing app requesting permission to send text messages? Security experts say that any app that is asking for excessive permissions should be an instant cause for a warning signal. So, unless the app isn’t particularly significant, you should delete it from your system.
Do note, however, that before deleting a potentially suspicious app, or one that you haven't been using for a while, you should first remove all of the permissions that it had asked for. Some tricky apps give themselves administrator privileges and require a few extra steps before being deleted completely.
Malware in Your Android Smartphone, apps
Lastly, you can rid your phone of any unwanted and hidden malware by using good anti-virus software. This may sound so obvious but a lot of us tend to overlook the importance and benefits of a sturdy anti-virus program. Not only can it help clear your device of lurking viruses but can also enhance your phone’s life. You can try some of the popular anti-virus programs, such as Malwarebytes, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, or Lookout to scan your system and remove anything dubious.
Malware in Your Android Smartphone, anti-virus software
Remember, keeping your Android smartphone clean and healthy requires constant vigilance. A few missteps and disregarding the dangers of malicious malware can cause permanent damage to your precious phone. Thus, keep the above-mentioned tips and signs in mind to keep your smartphone safe and secure from harmful virus attacks.  
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