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Eggs: the Simplest Food to Help You Shed That Extra Weight

Nutrition experts continue telling us to stay away from many traditional breakfast staples, such as pancakes soaked in butter and drizzled with maple syrup, buttered toast, fried bacon or sausages, and even most kinds of cereal. But not all hope is lost, as there is one staple breakfast food you shouldn’t part ways from - eggs! As a matter of fact, dietitians say that eating eggs in moderation isn’t just safe for your cardiovascular health, they also point out that eggs can very much be the simplest, most affordable, and versatile ingredient that will help you lose or maintain a healthy weight.
In this article, we’ll explain the whys and hows of using eggs to shed those extra pounds by providing you with 6 simple and handy tips.

1. The nutrition profile of eggs promotes healthy weight loss

weight loss benefits eggs eggs on yellow background
Many low-calorie foods may fill your stomach, at least temporarily, but they will not be beneficial for your health, and you'll need to count on other foods to provide you with all the proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants you need to stay healthy, build muscle, and lose weight. Eggs have quite a unique nutrition profile, as they contain a ton of beneficial nutrients while also being low in calories - 1 egg contains 74 calories.

In fact, an average egg has about 6 grams of protein. Eggs are also considered to be a complete source of protein, which means that they contain all the essential amino acids necessary for human health. In addition, a high protein diet is known to contribute to weight loss, in particular, so you'll be staying healthy and shedding excess weight by eating eggs.

Apart from proteins, eggs also contain plenty of important nutrients and are rich in antioxidants, namely lutein and zeaxanthin that are known to boost eye health and prevent free radical damage, all with no sugar, so eggs are an excellent way to start your day, even if you're dieting.

2. Egg whites alone aren't good enough

weight loss benefits eggs egg yolk 
If you're used to making egg white omelets while you're dieting to avoid any fats contained in egg yolks or to cut calories, even more, consider this. One large egg has around 5g of fat - this is less than 10% of the daily fat intake for someone consuming 2,000 calories per day. In fact, the precious nutrients present in egg yolk outweigh the relatively marginal fat and cholesterol levels.
Choline, an essential nutrient most of us are deficient in, that's contained only in egg yolks (as well as other animal and plant foods such as beans, poultry, and beef) has been actually found to boost the metabolism. In turn, just one large egg will be able to provide about 25% of your daily need in choline.
Another nutrient many of us don't get enough of, especially now that we stay a lot indoors, is vitamin D, and guess what? Egg yolks are one of the very few foods that contain this vitamin naturally. What's more, a 2018 study even found that people deficient in Vitamin D had more belly fat than those who weren't, so the vitamin may also be involved in metabolism.
Lastly, the antioxidants we mentioned in the previous section, too, are only present in the yolk, so it's best to eat whole eggs instead of just the protein-rich egg whites to reap all the weight loss benefits eggs have to offer.
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3. Combining proteins and fats is crucial when dieting

weight loss benefits eggs avocado toast
This tip follows from the previous one, even further accentuating the importance of eating eggs whole and even further supplementing them with healthy fat sources, such as nuts, olive oil, avocados, and fatty fish. Nutrition experts point out that combining fats with proteins in a meal is crucial to stay full for a longer time, which is one of the major problems for those who are dieting and try to limit their food intake. This is because fats help delay the digestion of foods, helping you to stay fuller, so they're actually beneficial for weight loss when consumed in moderation.
It's also a good idea to add an egg, either boiled, sunny side up, or scrambled when eating plant-based foods such as salads or stews, as the egg will render the plant-based meal more filling while also providing some protein to an otherwise carb-based meal. So, eggs make an excellent companion for vegetable-based meals, too!

4. Eggs are the perfect energizing food pre- and post-workout

weight loss benefits eggs woman stretching
Exercise is a key component of any weight loss journey, as I'm sure you already know. But without a healthy and protein-rich snack before or after any exercise, it will be difficult to see results from an exercise routine very fast. The truth is that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand when you're trying to lose weight, and what you eat around your workout and throughout the day is just as important as the workout plan you're following. Eggs are a great way to give you energy before a workout, as well as a healthy and lean source of protein that will help your rebuild your muscle tissue after the damage sustained during a workout.
Don't fall for the myth of gulping down raw eggs, though, as experts warn that eating eggs raw can be dangerous. This has mainly to do with raw eggs being a common carrier of salmonella, which is killed during cooking. Also, dietitians point out that you will actually be able to absorb fewer nutrients from a raw egg than a cooked one. This is particularly true when it comes to protein absorption, with studies showing that by cooking an egg you can almost double the amount of protein you will absorb from it.

5. Eating eggs is beneficial for your internal organs and brain

weight loss benefits eggs
Everything in our body is interconnected, and a deficiency or malfunction in one organ and even a minor thing like a bad mood or a stressful day can actually hinder your weight loss, too. This is why we stress the importance of healthy nutrition combined with a lower calorie intake so much, as without a healthy body and mind, reaching those weight loss goals will be a lot more difficult for you.
The nutrients present in eggs can actually target different organs involved in digestive and metabolic health. For example, eggs are rich in iodine and selenium, two minerals crucial for thyroid health. The thyroid gland, in turn, plays a crucial role in weight regulation and growth, which is exactly why people with thyroid issues are often either underweight or overweight. The choline content of eggs, in turn, has been known to improve liver health, the functioning of which is detrimental for a healthy metabolism. Choline is also important for brain health and cognition. 
And this isn't the only way eggs can benefit your wellbeing. To learn more about the health benefits of eggs, read on in our article titled The Incredible Health Benefits of Eggs.

6. Eggs are affordable and incredibly versatile

weight loss benefits eggs shakshouka
Eggs succeed where many so-called superfoods fail - they are not only available in literally every supermarket at an affordable price, but they are also super easy to add into a meal and are incredibly versatile, fitting right into both savory and sweet dishes. These are extremely important arguments, as most of us are understandably not ready to make dramatic long-term changes in our food habits or spend lots of money on food to achieve our weight goals.
The less you have to tweak in your diet and the less you have to pay for an ingredient, the better the chance of a lasting change in dietary habits. And it doesn't get easier than eggs - you just fry one up in the morning with some olive oil, serve it with a salad on the side, and breakfast is done! For even more easy ideas on how to incorporate eggs in your diet, read these articles:

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