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Extend the Shelf Life of Your Groceries with These Hacks!

The Covid-19 lockdowns and the continuing pandemic overall made us change a lot of our everyday habits, and shopping especially. We all have to be careful with where we go and reduce how much time we spend in public places to stay safe. In previous articles, we’ve shared helpful advice on how to reduce the number of shopping trips you take and how to tell if a store is not sanitized properly. This time, we’d like to tackle a topic that everyone will find useful every day, pandemic or not, showing 12 easy kitchen hacks that will help you extend the shelf life of your groceries.

1. To keep asparagus fresh and crisp for a week or more, cut the stems, submerge them in water like flowers, and throw a plastic bag over them before refrigerating, like this:

grocery tips asparagus

2. Storing onions in pantyhose can help them stay fresh up to 8 months

grocery tips onions in pantyhose
Image Source: Reddit

3. Turning a tub of sour cream or cottage cheese upside down can create a vacuum seal in the container, which will prevent the growth of bacteria longer

grocery tips Turning the tub of sour cream upside down
Image Source: Reddit

4. Submerging berries in a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water, then draining and keeping in the fridge can extend their shelf life. The solution is too weak for you to taste the vinegar, but it can keep strawberries fresh for up to 2 weeks and raspberries for a week

grocery tips berries

5. Store ginger in the freezer. It doesn't just last longer that way, it also grates more easily. You won't need to peel it, too, since the skin dries down very thin

grocery tips ginger

6. Potatoes can be stored with apples to prevent them from sprouting

grocery tips Potatoes and apples

7. Store leftover fresh herbs for months: simply squish pieces of herbs into an ice cube tray, top up with olive oil, and freeze

grocery tips fresh herbs in olive oil

8. Storing salad this way will absorb and excess moisture and make it last all week. You can use a regular towel or washcloths in place of the paper towel, too

grocery tips salad storage
Image Source: gawkerassets

9. It's much better to store mushrooms in a paper bag than a plastic bag, as plastic traps moisture, which can lead to mildew

grocery tips mushrooms in a paper bag

10. Store carrots in the fridge for months by simply removing the greens and keeping them in a container filled with water

grocery tips carrots
Image Source: brooklynfarmgirl

11. Store delicate herbs such as parsley, basil, and cilantro like a bouquet of flowers covered with plastic and refrigerate to make them last longer

grocery tips parsley storage
Image Source: Facebook

12. The easiest way to regrow scallions

grocery tips how to regrow scallions
Image Source: Helen R/ Twitter


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