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Ironing Alternatives - 9 Hacks to Unwrinkle Your Clothes

Ironing clothes is an annoying chore. Unfortunately, it’s also a necessity. After all, no one wants to go to work or meet friends in a wrinkly shirt. Still, ironing can be a frustrating task when you are in a hurry. Or worse, what if your iron stops working when you were about to press your new shirt for an important outing? Well, don’t panic! Today, we’re going to show you several nifty tricks to iron your clothes without using an actual iron. Yes, you read that right. 
There are plenty of hacks that will help de-wrinkle your favorite clothing items without an iron. You might not have heard of these genius methods, but they will surely come in handy when you have no iron on hand, particularly when you’re traveling. Scroll on...

1. Put your clothes in the dryer

Wrinkle-Free Clothing Hacks, dryer
A great trick to remove the wrinkles out of shirts and pants is to toss them in the dryer. Before doing so, check the label on your clothes to confirm that you can safely machine-dry them. If you can, just lightly spray your garments with water and throw them with a couple of ice cubes in the dryer. Next, run the dryer on high heat for a few minutes. As the ice cubes melt, they will create de-wrinkling steam that will help iron your clothes nicely. Spin for about 15 minutes on medium.

2. Use a hairdryer

Wrinkle-Free Clothing Hacks, hair dryer
A hairdryer can be a great tool to blast off those annoying wrinkles from your clothes. Just lay the crumpled clothing item on a flat surface and spray some bottled water on it to help soften it (tap water can have minerals and can cause staining). Now, blast hot air with your hairdryer on it. Focus on the most wrinkled areas, and within seconds, you will see the creases disappear from the clothing item. Alternatively, you can put the clothing item on a hanger and follow the same process. 

3. Or a flat iron 

A flat iron is used to straighten hair, but it can also work wonders for removing wrinkles from hard-to-iron areas like collars, cuffs, sleeves, and even those tiny spaces between buttons. Before you begin, make sure that your device isn’t soiled with hair products that can stain your clothing. It's better to clean the plates of the flat iron with rubbing alcohol - just to be extra sure. 
Now, start using the device carefully on the portions you want to be wrinkle-free. Be mindful of the heat setting and the pressure you use, as you don’t want to damage your clothing. For delicates and silk, use a low-temperature setting and a warmer temperature for sweaters and thicker fabrics.

4. Shower out wrinkles

This is a genius method that can help iron your clothes as you take a shower. It will be especially handy when you are traveling or in a real hurry. 

Shut the windows and doors in your bathroom and hang the wrinkled clothes from the shower rod. Turn on the hot shower (the hotter the better) and let the steam smooth out those creases. Let the shower run for about 20 minutes and allow the sauna effect to do its job.

Note that the showerhead should be facing away from your garment before you turn it on to avoid getting it wet.

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5. A pot of tea might do the trick!

Wrinkle-Free Clothing Hacks, tea
A teapot can be used to get rid of those tiny wrinkles your iron is never quite able to get. Boil water in a tea kettle and then hold the garment about a foot (30 cm) away from the steam. Make sure that the problem areas are facing the steam coming from the kettle. A few minutes of this and the ugly creases should be gone.

6. Use a hot metal pot as an iron

In case you don’t have a tea kettle on hand, you can also make an iron out of a metal pot. Here’s what you should do:
- Boil water in a metal pot.
- Once it reaches a rolling boil, remove the water from the pot.
- Now, use the steaming hot bottom of the pot as an iron to de-wrinkle your clothes. 
- Use it the same way as you would an iron. Run it over all the crinkled areas of the garment.
- Before using it, though, make sure that the bottom of the pot is squeaky clean. In fact, wipe the surface with a clean cloth before use. 

7. Use a commercial wrinkle remover spray

Commercial wrinkle remover sprays have started becoming quite popular these days because of the convenience they offer. They are great for those who are constantly on the move and require their clothes to look crisp all day. Wrinkle-release sprays are specially formulated to relax the fabric's fibers and help you smooth out any creases from your clothes. Just spray on the wrinkled sections of the garment and give it a quick tug. Voila! Your clothing item will be as crisp as new.

These handy sprays come in pocket-sized bottles and can be conveniently carried in bags as you travel. What’s more, they also leave a light, fresh scent. 

8. Place it under a mattress

Wrinkle-Free Clothing Hacks, mattress
Here’s an old-school trick that might work when you don’t have an iron on hand. This is what you need to do:
- Lay the garment on a flat surface. Smooth out the creases by hand.
- Roll the clothing item tightly or fold it. Now, place it under a mattress. 
- Leave it there for an hour, and it should come out nicely pressed.
- If the creases are quite distinct, leave the garment under the mattress overnight. Ensure that it's the same mattress you are going to sleep on. Your weight will press on the fabric, making it stretch and become wrinkle-free.

9. Spray some vinegar to de-wrinkle your clothes

Wrinkle-Free Clothing Hacks, vinegar
Vinegar has unlimited great uses around the house. An underrated way to use vinegar is as a wrinkle spray. It can work wonderfully well to remove wrinkles from your clothes. Moreover, it’s cheap, gentle, and free of chemicals.
- Mix a solution of 1-part white vinegar to 3-parts water and fill a spray bottle with it.
- Spray the solution on your garment covering the crinkled areas nicely. 
- Let it dry. 
That’s it! You should now have your clothing item all fresh and crisp for use.
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