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9 Places in Your House You Should Be Vacuuming More Often

These days, most of us keep a vacuum cleaner at home. Keep your house clean is essential, after all, and the device is helpful in getting rid of debris from floors, upholstery, carpets, drapes, and other surfaces. We feel that a quick whizz with the vacuum cleaner around the floors and ceilings once a week is good enough to keep our house spotless. But are you really utilizing the full benefits of your vacuum cleaner? Are you using it in all the nooks and crannies of your house? 
There are some areas in our home that we forget to vacuum on a regular basis. These oft-ignored parts of the house are surprisingly dust-prone and do require a weekly vacuum. These are the neglected places of your home that you should be including in your vacuuming routine from the next time onwards. 

1. Blinds

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, Blinds
You may be leaving your blinds dusty without even realizing it. Blinds can be dirt magnets and we often forget to clean them on a weekly basis because the dust on them is hardly noticeable. When dust and grime pile on the blinds, they can easily spill over inside the house with a sharp gust of wind from outside. This can be particularly bothersome for people with allergies.
A quick and easy way to keep your blinds squeaky clean is to use your vacuum cleaner’s soft brush attachment on the end of the hose. Do this every week to keep them tidy and shiny for longer.

2. Drawers 

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, Drawers 
Drawers are real dust catchers and many of us neglect to clean them frequently. On closer inspection, you are likely to find that plenty of dust and detritus have accumulated themselves nicely in the various drawers of your house – whether they are in the bedroom or in the kitchen. So, if you don’t want your favorite clothes or any other items that you keep safely tucked inside those drawers to become dusty, use your vacuum to give them a thorough clean-up from time to time.

3. Mattresses 

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, Mattresses 
Everyone knows the importance of bedsheets being washed every week, but do you remember to care for your mattress too? The truth is that mattresses are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning. However, dust settles down on your mattress over time even though it may not be visible. Try thumping your mattress once and you are likely to see a puff of dust fly up in the air. Don’t be alarmed, though. Just make sure you give your mattress a nice vacuuming job once a month. Focus on all the nooks and crannies so that no dust particle escapes.

4. Brooms and dusters

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, Brooms and dusters
You use your brooms and dusters to clean up so many things – from dust and cobwebs to crumbs and spills. But do you make sure that your cleaning tools are clean too? Does that sound ridiculous? It shouldn’t. These cleaning tools pick up a lot of dirt and need to be cleaned too from time to time. If you neglect to do so, you will be literally redistributing the dust you cleaned with them the last time. To keep them dist-free, just move the device lightly along the bristles of the brooms or dusters and you should be done.

5. Computer keyboards

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, Computer Keyboards
Many of us have to spend a lot of hours in front of the computer screens. We also tend to eat while sitting in front of our laptops. If that’s the case with you, then chances are that your computer keyboard is a very unhygienic place. You may be wiping it with a cloth every now and then but dust particles and little food crumbs might well have settled down in between the keys. Thankfully, these areas can be easily cleaned with your vacuum cleaner. The machine’s brush attachment will be handy in dusting off all the dirt from the keyboard’s surface. 

6. Vents

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, Vents
There are vents all over our homes and, unfortunately, they tend to collect a lot of dust in no time as air constantly flows through them. If they are not cleaned over a long period, then flakes of dead skin, hair, and even pet dander catch onto the dust, eventually resulting in a dense, mat-like layer of debris in the vents. This is the perfect environment for bacteria, mold, dust mites, to thrive in.
Your vacuum cleaner can easily suck the gunk out of the vents in just a couple of minutes. Do this weekly and you will feel a noticeable difference in the quality of the air you breathe at home.

7. The back of the fridge

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, back of the fridge
When was the last time you hoovered the back of your fridge? The back of the refrigerator shelves, particularly the coils, can collect a lot of dust and other debris over time. Since that part isn’t directly visible to us, we tend to ignore it when vacuuming the house. Take a look at the back of your fridge, and you might shudder at the amount of dust clinging onto the different parts. Vacuuming the back of the refrigerator every now and then would not just keep it dust-free but will also ensure that your food is kept in a clean environment. 

8. Speakers

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, Speakers
Do you love listening to your favorite songs on your sound system? That’s nice, but do you know that the speakers of your music system can collect dust too? Yes, these speakers are generally not on the list of our household items that require any dusting but they could use a freshening up every now and then. The brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner would be perfect for this job as it can gently remove the debris from the speakers and around any other media systems in the house. Doing this will also ensure that they will last longer.

9. Shoe shelves

Neglected Places You're Forgetting to Vacuum, Shoe shelf
Your shoe cabinet is probably filled with layers of dust and little cobwebs because that’s not a place we usually tend to clean regularly. But the fact is that we bring in a lot of dirt on our shoes which settles down on the shelves of the cabinet. Vacuuming the shoe rack more often will not just make it look fresh it will also give your footwear a clean place to live. 
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