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Homemade Foot Soak Made With Milk & Baking Soda

There aren't many of us who would claim that the feet are among the most attractive features of the human body. But when summer is here and the sun is shining, we all want to get our sandals or flip-flops on, which means we have to show our feet to the world - along with all the rough skin, calluses, blisters and blemishes that they carry with them. Sometimes they just need a good pampering, and fortunately, there's a great foot soak you can make at home that will give your feet the perfect boost.


Many people swear by this remedy, yet it uses only two common ingredients we all have in our home. Here's how you can whip up a fantastic mixture that will have your feet looking and feeling great this summer!

A Great Home-Made Foot Soak

What you will need

 •   2-4 Cups of Milk
 •   A liberal sprinkling of Baking Soda
 •   A large bowl, big enough to fit both your feet in at the same time

How To Create Your Foot Soak

1. Warm your milk up. You can use between two to four cups, depending on how big your bowl is, how big your feet are and how much milk you have available.

2. Pour the milk into a good-sized bowl. You need to be able to fit both feet in the container at the same time, side-by-side.

3. Soak your toes in the milk for around five minutes, and then grab your baking soda. Lightly sprinkle a liberal amount of the powder into your foot bath.

4. Mix the baking soda into the mixture by gently moving it around the bowl with your feet.


5. Make sure you give plenty of attention to areas where the skin is usually harder or thicker. These include the bottom of your heels, the area underneath your toes, and the balls of your feet. Massage plenty of the mixture into these areas. Use your hands if you need to do so.

6. Don't forget to work the mixture into the tops of your feet and ankles as well, even if they are not fully submerged. These are the parts of your feet that are most on display when you are wearing sandals or flip flops!

7. When you have scrubbed enough, sit back with a book or your favorite TV program and let your feet soak for another five minutes.

8. Clean your feet with warm water and dry thoroughly. 

You should find that your feet look and feel healthy and rejuvenated! The combination works because the two ingredients complement each other. Milk contains lactic acid which softens the skin. Baking soda, meanwhile, has abrasive properties which can remove dry and rough patches once they have been softened up.


Here is a YouTube video from Tabitha Blue which shows you how to make and use the mixture:

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