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10 Fantastic Methods for Folding Your Clothes

I must admit that folding is NOT one of my favorite chores. Not only is it hard to do right, but it's time-consuming as well. furthermore, if I did something wrong, my clothes come out all wrinkled and I have to fetch the iron to make them look presentable. Well, I've done some research, and I found some really ingenious ways to fold clothes I had never thought about before. Pay close attention to number 7, I think it's absolutely brilliant! 


1. Folding socks the right way

Did you know folding socks one inside the other ruins the elastic band of the sock. Yep, it isn't the wear and tear nor the laundry, it's this kind of folding that slowly ruins your socks. You can solve this problem with this simple folding technique. Just put the socks one on the other in the shape of a plus (+) creating a square that doesn't stretch the sock and ruin its elasticity.
folding socks

2. Folding a buttoned shirt

My mother taught me a technique to fold a buttoned shirt, but even she didn't know how to make the shirt look like it had just left the store. To really fold a buttoned shirt perfectly, all you really need to do is put a magazine under the back of the collar, and follow these instructions (at the end of which you can take the magazine out):
tailored shirt folding

3. Folding a shirt in perfect Japanese style

It's not hard to fold a shirt, but once you know a trick that works in a few seconds, it becomes fun. This video will show you how to fold a shirt in just a few seconds using the Japanese method. You may have to practice it a couple of times before you can do it perfectly, but once you get the hang of it - it works like a charm!

4. Folding a shirt for vertical storage

I prefer to store my son's shirts vertically in a drawer instead of horizontally in the closet. Why? Because that way he doesn't make a mess every time he wants to get a specific shirt out that's hiding under the others. Just pull the one you want without destroying the work put into folding the rest of the clothes. If you suffer from the same problem, this is the perfect solution for you.
folding vertically

5. Folding a tailored jacket

A tailored jacket is used for special occasions, and so it should look perfect, no wrinkles, even when folded. For those men who have a problem folding such a jacket, here's a 20-second guide that'll show you the easiest, most efficient way to fold a tailored jacket. Remember this great tip.

6. Folding a baby's overalls

Is it a shirt, is it pants? How do you fold this thing? If someone knows a better, simpler way than this, I'll be glad to hear about it. But this is the best way I know, I wish someone had told me this when my son was still a baby.
folding baby overalls

7. Folding a shirt on a hanger

Do you have a hanger closet in your house that is exploding with clothes? They wrinkle, and when you want to get one out you suddenly find that its sleeves aren't really as smooth as they initially were. To save yourself the time of ironing,  just fold the shirt and hang it in the following way:

8. Folding pants on a hanger

Like the shirt, the same goes for the pants, which you also want wrinkle-free, as well as avoiding the possibility of them sliding off the hanger. Just put one half on one side of the hanger and the other half on the other side. Before you begin, make sure to straighten the inner stitches of the pants so they face the other side exactly.
folding pants on hangar

9. Folding a fitted sheet

Fitted sheets are hard to perfectly fold because they have no corners, but that doesn't mean it's an impossible task. All you need to do is ignore the rubber and create the corners yourself. Just follow this guide:
folding rubber sheet

10. Folding clothes to store in a suitcase

Some people fold clothes to pack in a suitcase as they would do for the closet, which is a bad mistake to make, because this method uses too much space and causes the clothes to wrinkle. Others prefer to roll the clothes, which isn't a bad way to go, until I found this method, which allows you to pack all your clothes into any suitcase easily and in just a few minutes.
Start by picking a spot that will be the main axis of your folding. Proceed to lay the shirts one on top of the other above and below the point. Put the pants one on top of the other at a 90-degree angle to the shirts, also from both sides of the point, and put the socks and underwear in a pile on top of the central point. Then just fold them all, one on top of the other, according to the order in which you put them, and roll them until you've packed all the clothes in one pile. It is also recommended to put all these clothes together in a bag to prevent the possibility of them getting dirty from any cream or perfume you have in your suitcase.


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