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20 Universal Truths About Life We Have to Remember

More than once in our lives are we faced with a situation where hardships seem to fill our day, and everything feels bleak and hopeless. It is during those times that it is important to remember these 20 undeniable truths about life itself:

1. Pain helps you grow

Universal Truths that can help make you happy: praise to the universe

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The old saying encapsulates this truth but forgets to mention one thing - to be able to overcome pain, you must embrace it and allow it to pass over you. If you try to ignore the pain, you’ll end up losing a part of yourself, a part that is very difficult to reconnect with later. Accept the hardship, explore your pain, and once the waves of sadness die down, you will be given a new lease on life.

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2. Fears are an illusion

Fears will only get stronger if you let it. You are always in control of your fear, so don’t let it control you back. Fear can serve you, by keeping you alert in dangerous situations, but unless physical harm may come to you or your loved ones – you must let fear know who’s boss.

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3. Nothing lasts forever

Love, pain, troubles, success – it is all transitory. Take joy in the good times, and accept the bad times, for they, too, shall pass.

4. Struggles are nothing more than steps on the way to success

Universal Truths that can help make you happy: stepping stones in life

When you’re pursuing your dreams, remember that patience does not mean inaction. Patience means staying on track and using each struggle as a stepping stone to realizing your dreams. It’s not going to be easy, but it will always be educational.

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5. “Good” and “bad” depends on your outlook

Life is a billion shades of gray, some darker, some lighter, but it’s never black or white. You may think that something you’re doing is good, but if you end up tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep, it means that your conscience doesn’t necessarily agree. People aren’t bad, but they can do bad things. Always try and understand why the person opposite you is doing what they’re doing. They are also going through a struggle you may not be able to see.

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6. Change only what you are able to

You are the sum of your experiences, and you cannot change that. You can, however, change your perspective of those experiences. Try looking at “bad” experiences from another point of view, and you might realize that they weren’t all that bad to begin with.

7. Treat yourself with kindness

Universal Truths that can help make you happy: Be the reason someone smiles today!

Accepting yourself and knowing you’re doing your best is good enough. If you have a tendency to be too critical of yourself, consider how you’d feel if someone else told you these things. Be good to yourself and you’ll start to feel a difference. Remember to forgive yourself.

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8. Nothing truly great is instant

If you could have everything you wanted instantly, you’d lose your drive to grow, and things that don’t grow end up decaying and dying away. Practice patience, and enjoy the ride.

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9. Remember that life is an adventure

Take risks! They’ll make you more creative, and give you more confidence. Even if you fail a couple of times, get up and try again. Get out of your comfort zone and you just might find true happiness…

10. Have humility

Universal Truths that can help make you happy: holding a flower in hands
Humility can bring the understanding that problems are not as difficult as you perceive them to be. Being overconfident is as bad as being paralyzed with fear – but knowing yourself and what it is that you’re capable of will give you a sense of ownership over your accomplishments, yet keep you humble and provide you with clarity.

11. Everything begins with a single thought

It's important to allow yourself time to visualize things, daydream, and let your imagination run wild. If you don't spend any time thinking creatively, how do you expect to create anything memorable and unique?

12. Find your unique gift and use it a lot

Life is too short and precious to leave your book unwritten, your song unsung, and your dreams abandoned. Whatever gift you have (and you certainly have at least a handful, like everyone else in the world), make sure you use it often and well, without questioning your abilities or being too hard on yourself.

13. Let your intuition be your guide

Universal Truths that can help make you happy: intuition in the stars

If you use your gut feelings as a kind of internal GPS, then you may be surprised to find that it has the ability to guide you on your path almost effortlessly. Just by doing only what feels good and right for you can make a big difference to your life's outlook and can really help you achieve your goals.

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14. Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith

It truly is incredible what positive expectations can do for you. Even if you think that taking a leap of faith can be a highly risky affair, trusting your gut and life's natural processes will often be much to your benefit, and will probably reveal a safety net that you didn't even know was there.

15. No matter what you do, there will be people ready to support you

Even if particular life choices have made you lose the support of certain people, there will always be others who are ready to support you no matter what. If these people aren't immediately apparent to you, then it may mean that you've got to go out and find them!

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16. There is no perfect time to do anything

Universal Truths that can help make you happy: time is running out

No matter what point in your life you've reached, you'll always be able to make up an excuse not to begin anything, whether it's money, age, time or anything else. Life changes daily, and if you keep saying you'll do something eventually, then you probably never will.

17. Fulfillment comes from thinking beyond yourself

Purpose and meaning are reinforced every time you help others and see life from beyond your own desires and needs. In this way, you'll be able to add value to the lives of others, reaping immense emotional rewards while you do so.

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18. Don't let other people's opinions influence you

Treat any personal feedback or remarks the same way you would with any other kind of feedback or review. Search for any pearls of wisdom or insight, but then decide for yourself what is fair and what is outrageously incorrect.

19. You are more than just your body

Universal Truths that can help make you happy: zen and meditation

No matter what you look like, it is imperative to always keep in mind that your body is merely the vessel that carries your heart and mind around. The toolkit which is found inside you has the power to unlock your every wish and desire. Your outer appearance holds little to no bearing on this.

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20. Never forget that you have free will

You have the power to use the time and energy that has been given to you on whatever you'd like to. Just because you've been doing something a certain way for most of your life, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't change a thing. In fact, it may be good for you to start waiting for your destiny to pan out, and to forge your own one instead.


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