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14 Signs That Prove Your Partner Is Still In Love with You

To keep the flame burning in a long relationship you need to make a certain effort. Usually, after several years of living together, we forget to show our spouses how much we value, cherish and love them, but there are still a few small things that can make every marriage happier and more fulfilling. If your partner is still making these 14 little gestures, you can be sure that they are still in love with you just as they were after your first kiss, and maybe even more…


1. They set aside what they're doing to make eye contact while you talk

Our world is full of technological devices that are hard to avoid, but it only makes eye contact between us and our partners more meaningful. Couples who can put their smartphone aside or look at each other's eyes as they talk while the TV is on, show each other that they are aware that every moment with them is precious.

2. They still call you nicknames

You may not be one for affectionate pronouns such as "honey", "sweetie" or "darling," but among many couples, these names and many others have a very deep meaning, especially after living together for many years. It shows that you have a special place in the hearts of your loved ones, to the extent that they keep a special place in their mind for you which is symbolized by a name that belongs solely to you.

3. They hug you out of nowhere

Routine can take over our lives, but there is nothing better than going home and getting (or giving) a loving hug that shows how much love you've had between you all these years. During a very long relationship, such a gesture also provides a pleasant surprise in the middle of the day that no one will refuse, and if accompanied by a kiss, it certainly shows great love.

4. They hold your hand in public

Sex is not the only way to maintain intimacy in a relationship. Holding hands in public shows that your partner is proud of you and wants the whole world to see that you are still in love like a young couple. Such a gesture is also a promise that your relationship will last for many more years and that they won’t let you go.


5. They remember the candy you love and make sure to surprise you with it

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this is often true for women as well, although most would prefer not to admit it. Nothing can sweeten your day more than your favorite candy that your spouse remembered to buy at the grocery store before they got home. Even if it is a very small gesture, it shows that you are still in one another's thoughts.

6. They call you at work just to say "hello"

There is no better way to say "I'm thinking about you" than to take a two-minute break from the busy day that we all experience and say it in actions rather than deeds. Such a surprising conversation can improve your mood wonderfully, no matter what you’re going through, and if your partner continues to do so, you can be certain that you are still in their thoughts, even when you are not with them.

7. They still tell you "good morning" and "good night"

In the early stages of the relationship, we go to bed and wake up in the morning together, usually embracing. If your spouse makes sure to tell you "good night" before going to sleep, or "good morning" when they or you get out of bed, you can be sure that you are the people with whom they want to go to sleep and wake up with every day.

8. They compliment a recipe that you’ve used for many years

Expression of appreciation is an important part of any relationship, new and old. There is not a person in the world who doesn’t like being complimented on their cooking, even when it comes to a dish that hasn’t changed in many years. As long as you continue to get compliments, it only shows you how much your spouse still loves it and you for investing your time in cooking it as always.


9. They let you choose what you'll watch on TV or at the movies

After many years of living together, each of us can become a bit selfish and want to see our favorite show or movies, but as long as the remote lands in your hands once in a while when sitting together in the living room or you’re asked what movie you want to watch at the theater, you can conclude that your opinions are still important to your spouse and that your satisfaction is still at the top of their list.


10. They help you with the things you can do on your own

Usually, after we've gotten used to living together for many years, each spouse knows what chores are theirs - one takes care of the laundry while the other handles the dishes and the like. If, after so many years, you continue to help one another to take care of their responsibilities, whether it is helping with dinner or even eliminating the division altogether and simply doing what needs to be done without expecting the other person to do so, it shows that you’re really living as a couple and not just 2 people in the same house.

11. They enjoy bringing up memories

If you’ve spent many years together, you probably have many shared memories. Bringing up those memories leads to a shared experience in which you both remember things you did in the past that have led you to where you are today. These memories probably include moments that make you remember your love for each other, and if your spouse brings them up, you can be sure they’ve never forgotten it.

12. They ask how your day was

After so many years, most of us develop a routine that makes most days look the same. But that’s just an illusion created by the people who don’t spend the whole day with us because during the day we have a number of different experiences that distinguish it from the day before. If your partners are aware that your days still have ups and downs, and don’t think you're just leaving for work and coming home the same way, it shows that they are aware that you change every day and want to be with you in this change.


13. They respect your opinions

If you’ve decided to make a change in your life and your partner is on board, you can be sure that they respect your opinions and don’t oppose them just because they’ve gotten used to your routine shared life. Whether it's a redesigning the bathroom or an out of the ordinary weekend outing if they come from your partner or aren’t immediately rejected when they come from you, be sure that your loved ones don’t take your relationship for granted and know that it is always alive and changing.

14. They make you feel good about yourself

Many people ignore this sign, but if your partner still compliments your outfit, your appearance, and your overall behavior, it shows that it is important to them that you feel good about yourself and your choices. If you feel that your partner strengthens your confidence as you spend more time together, it shows that they are still doing everything they can to empower you and make you the best person you can be so that your love will continue to be the best you can experience.

A few words to finish

Even if your spouse doesn’t show all these signs, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. You may not be demonstrating them either, but you still feel that you would not want to live your life with anyone else other than them. If this is the case, you can adopt some ideas from this article, and in doing so, show a lot more love for each other and remind your partner how grateful you are that they are part of your life.

cover image source: Ian MacKenzie

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