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These Stories Will Restore Your Faith in Goodness

The world can be a dark and dreary place, and to tune into the news regularly is sometimes equal to taking a deep dive into depression, but as the adage goes: “darkness cannot exist without light”. All it takes is a bit more attention to detail and you'll be able to find so much beauty, love, and goodness in this world, and more than enough reason to be hopeful for the future.
1. This awesome aunt set up a DIY drive-in theater for her nephews and nieces, complete with cardboard cars to sit inside.
2. This young lady noticed a hare that was so dehydrated it couldn’t bring itself to run or hide when she approached, so she brought it water.
Faith in Humanity: dehydrated hareSource: Reddit
3. These fine young men helped a distraught couple change a flat tire and would not take any money for their efforts.
Faith in Humanity: flat tireSource: Reddit
4. A complete stranger responded to this woman’s plea on Facebook for someone to come and braid her hair in the hospital because she wanted to look pretty.
Faith in Humanity: braidSource: Reddit
5. Pedro the turtle lost both his hind legs. The vets at LSU Veterinary Medicine helped him get back on his feet by giving him wheels.
6. These people volunteered to spend the 4th of July comforting shelter dogs who were scared of the fireworks.
Faith in Humanity: fireworks dogsSource: Amy Engel
7. This young man noticed the older gentleman having trouble navigating, so he spent the next 20 minutes teaching the man how to use Google Maps and GPS.
Faith in Humanity: GPSSource: Reddit
8. On his special day, during the wedding photoshoot, he noticed a kid flopping in the water. Suit ruined? Pssh. Life saved.
9. Boundless kindness.
10. She was having a bad day when this random dog approached and asked to be pet. Day instantly improved.
Faith in Humanity: support dogSource: Reddit
11. This anonymous person drove 10 miles to deliver this lost wallet, didn’t take a thing out of it and didn’t leave a name.
Faith in Humanity: returned walletSource: Reddit
12. Every year on Valentine’s, this man invites the widows in the nearby retirement home for dinner, each receiving a rose and a gift bag.
Faith in Humanity: widow Valentine'sSource: Reddit
13. Her daughter died a year ago, and this man received her heart. He is letting her listen to her daughter’s heart.
Faith in Humanity: daughter's heartSource: Reddit
14. Zazu the toucan lost half of his bill. Thankfully, modern technology allowed them to print him a new one.
Faith in Humanity: toucan printed beakSource: Reddit
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