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6 Tasty Ways to Use Waffle Cones that Aren’t Ice Cream

Do you have ice cream cones lying around in the pantry that you barely use for their intended purpose? Are you looking for creative ways to present food? Look no further, as we give you some ideas of how to incorporate waffle cones into your kitchen in what are some truly inventive dishes!
1. Cupcake Cones
Ice Cream Cones: cupcakesSource: F_A
Instead of a plain old baking mold, why not prepare cupcakes in an edible mold? Preparation is exactly the same as that of a regular cupcake, but if your cones don’t have a flat bottom, that’s no problem at all. Simply cut holes into the bottom of an aluminum pan and put it upside-down. Voila! You’ve got a stand for your cones.
2. Muesli Cones
Ice Cream Cones: muesli
Waffle cones make for the perfect cups for your breakfast granola with yogurt and fruits. You can even serve these as a dessert when having company over.
3. Ceviche
Ice Cream Cones: ceviche
Of course, while waffle cones work great with sweet food, that’s not to say they can’t be paired with savory stuff, too. Ceviche is a delicious and simple Peruvian dish consisting of fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices with onions, cilantro, salt, chilis and whatever else you wish to throw in. As street food, it is often served in cups or bowls, so why not diversify with ice cream cones for a particularly chic presentation?
4. Mashed Potatoes
Ice Cream Cones: mashed potatoes
Continuing with savory fillings, mashed potatoes have a similar consistency to ice cream, can be scooped into neat balls and can make for a surprising and interesting way to take a cliché side dish and make it truly memorable, with a hefty helping of gravy on top, of course.
5. Cone Tacos
Ice Cream Cones: tacosSource: Foodbeast
These can either be made using homemade tortilla cones or just your run-of-the-mill ice cream cones. The idea is the same, and it's just close enough to the original thing to work. Just take the pulled pork, beans and corn together with all the vegetables and spices you would normally use to prepare tacos and stuff them into a cone.
6. S’mores
Ice Cream Cones: s'mores
And, to end on a sweet note, cones make for a perfect and non-messy way to serve s’mores, either at home or around a campfire. The method is simple: just layer the chocolate chips and marshmallows evenly inside the cone, wrap the cone in aluminum foil and cook over the fire for about 3 minutes. Yum!
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