Test Your Synonyms, Antonyms and Defintions!

Are you prepared to test your English in three different areas? Then prepare your vocabulary and wipe the dust off your lexicon because we're about to test your knowledge of synonyms, antonyms and definitions!
What is the definition of "Exponential"?
To display something in a noticeable way
Rising or expanding at a steady and usually rapid rate
A mathematical equation that cannot be answered
To have unlimited potential
What is a synonym for the word "Superfluous"?
Good Dancer
What is the definition of the word "Perusal"?
To witness an abnormal occurence
An inability to see something
To look or survey something
Something relating to the country of Peru
What is the definition of the word "Sardonic"?
The range of notes a singer can reach
Grimly mocking or cynical
Rhythmic speech
Contains sardines or similar seafood
What is a synonym for the word "Divergent"?
What is the definition of the word "Antithesis"?
The direct opposite
The main component of something
A lie told so often people believe it
To be against the academic system
What is the definition of the word "Innate"?
Something learned only after focused study
To cause anger
Inherent in the essential character of something
A prisoner in jail
What is the definition of the word "Criterion"?
Components of something that must be present at all times
The essential components of all ions
Items previously thought to be necessary that are no longer so
A rule or principle used in the evaluation of something
What is the definition of the word "Vernacular"?
With increasing levels of excitement
The language or vocabulary peculiar to a class or profession
To be particularly muscular
Pertaining to the neck
What is the definition of the word "Pedantic"?
Immature actions or comments
Scattered or unfocused thought
Pertaining to children
Excessive focus on minor details or showing off academic learning
What is an ANTONYM for the word "Myriad"?
What is the definition of "Posthumous"?
Occurring or continuing after someone's death
The time shortly after a child is thought to have become an adult
The time or feeling after one has eaten hummus
The predicted future after the fall of humanity
What is the definition of "Ostentatious?"
Designed to impress or attract notice
80s surfer slang for "good"
To make something unnecessarily complicated
Containing a wide variety of smells and aromas
What is the definition of "Hyperbole"?
Words said very quickly
Sentences that do not make sense
Exaggerated claim not meant to be taken literally
Comparing two things that have little to no similarity
What is an antonym for the word "Synonym"?
You Have Some Improvement To Do
You may be tired and unfocused, or it could be that's it's been too long since you sat down and read a good book! Our vocabulary doesn't last forever, and if we don't start reading things that use a larger variety of words we may never regain it. Please have a look at the answers to see where you went wrong, and perhaps challenge yourself with some of our other English quizzes.
Not Too Shabby
You didn't pass with flying colors but you still remember quite a bit of these rare words mostly readers know. You probably knew a lot more previously but have forgotten with time. Perhaps you haven't read a full book in a while. Well, we certainly recommend reading more, as a good vocabulary is a terrible thing to waste. Check out the answers to learn some more.
Good Job!
You did really well for yourself! You obviously have a good vocabulary and know how to use it to your advantage. Perhaps you still read books (unlike most people) and don't mind going to the dictionary to learn those words you don't know yet. That is the best way of enriching our vocabulary and our language. Check out the answers to learn from the mistakes you did make.
You ACED This Quiz!
Your lexicon is extraordinary. You're obviously a verbal person, or one who is an avid reader of books. Only by reading do we get such a wonderful and wide vocabulary. We hope you always continue enriching your language. In an age when people can barely write text messages, people like you are in short supply indeed. Way to go!
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