What Would You Do If Disaster Struck?

As many emergency services personnel can tell you, not all people act the same way in times of crisis. While some may exhibit confidence, bravery and compassion, others end up panicking or becoming hysterical. Similarly, while some people act in a cool and calculated manner, there will always be some folks who just love to the play the hero. So what crisis personality do you think you possess? This personality test has all the answers.
flotation device on beach
While relaxing at the beach, you see a man in the distance who you think might be drowning in deep water. What do you do?
Dive in without hesitation.
Point him out to others and see what they'd do.
Try and find a lifeguard.
Look for a flotation device to throw to him.
huge stadium
You're watching a football game, when a fire breaks out on the other side of the stadium. What do you do?
Search for any fire-fighting equipment and make your way to the fire.
Take deep breaths and wait for instructions by trained personnel.
Try to calm people around you as you gradually make your way to the main exit.
Look around you for the nearest exit, and go directly to it.
lightning by cabin
You're travelling in a small group, when one of you gets struck by lightning. What do you do?
Begin CPR immediately.
Allow time for the current to discharge, and for him to regain consciousness.
Call the emergency services.
Carefully check his body for an electrical current, and move him to shelter.
man standing on thin ice
While you and three others are walking across ice, it begins to crack. What do you do?
Tiptoe back across the ice one at a time.
Stop moving and call for help.
Slowly move away from each other in different directions, to avoid everyone falling in.
Get on your stomachs and slide to safety.
car in flood
You've been warned of an imminent flash flood in your town. What do you do?
Find someone with a boat, and prepare to help people in distress.
Turn on the radio and television and listen out for any information.
Pack your family and as many neighbors as possible into your car, and drive far away.
Immediately get to higher ground on foot.
bank robber with gun
While waiting in line at the bank, a group of armed robbers rushes in, and keeps everyone hostage. What do you do?
Try to calmly reason with them.
Get down and stay down.
Quietly comfort people who seem distressed.
Attempt an escape when a reasonable window of opportunity opens up.
Asian dinner party
You're hosting a dinner party in your 3rd floor apartment when a moderately-strong earthquake begins. What do you do?
Immediately lead everyone down the stairs and out of the building.
Instruct everyone to cling tightly to their seat or the dinner table.
Get everyone into a common area, and see if any other residents need help.
Instruct everyone to hide under pieces of furniture.
huge riot
An originally peaceful protest suddenly turns chaotic. You hear a woman yelling that she has lost her child. What do you do?
Ask for more information and gather a search party.
Look for a police officer who can help.
Ask for more information and start looking immediately.
Get her to safety and then call the emergency services.
Natural Leader
fireman ready for action
You were born to lead, and nothing about you changes in times of crisis. You don't waste time waiting for someone to turn up and offer a helping hand. You are your own hero, and you don't shy away from any danger, as you believe that every life counts! You are also aware that in most emergencies, time really is of the essence, and so every action that you take is generally both quick and decisive. You really offer the glimmer of hope that every crisis needs!
Cool, Calm & Collected
lady with umbrella and tornado
As a calm and collected person, you're very good at calming a situation down and avoiding panic during times of crisis. You never act brashly or irrationally, and would rather spend time coming up with a viable plan, instead of just acting on impulse with very little thought. While many others are losing their minds with fear and emotion, you can offer a much-needed voice of reason, making sure everyone gets to safety in an orderly fashion, taking particular care of children, disabled people, and the elderly.
Helpful Citizen
Superman under T-shirt
During times of crisis, you turn into an entirely selfless person, and will do anything to help others in need. While many others end up only thinking of themselves and their families, you are busy being the good Samaritan that every crisis needs. If it wasn't for people like you, many of society's more vulnerable individuals would be utterly helpless, and may end up trapped or incapacitated. If only every crisis contained more people like, then the emergency services would have far less to worry about.
building bridge concept
You're a natural-born problem solver, and not even a major emergency can change that! You don't like putting your life in someone else's hands, so you'll try and come up with your own solutions whenever you can. Instead of blindly following a crowd, you'd much rather locate a window or exit that people have missed in the panic. You never give into hysteria or despair, as you know that your quick-thinking mind can get you out of practically any solution, as it has done many times before.
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