What Trait Should You Fix And What Should You Keep?

 Every once in a while, we take it upon ourselves to dig a little deeper and do some soul-searching. While most of us know what our good qualities are, we are often completely oblivious to our bad ones. So, for your soul searching to be more meaningful, answer the personality test before you and discover which traits you should continue to nurture, and which trait you should pay attention to and try to fix. By doing so you will benefit yourself and those around you.
Amusement park rides and beer
How would you prefer to spend the holidays?
Work and errands, I have to finish up all the tasks I have left
With friends only
At a meal with extended family
I usually don’t do anything – the holidays aren’t my thing
Colored pencils
Choose the color you like the most:
A man apologizing
What does the word "forgiveness" represent for you?
This word isn’t part of my vocabulary
blue background
Which of the following pictures speaks to you most?
Red heart
White arrow on a green background
A white post-it
Flower in a pot
A ladder reaching the sky
A woman standing on a bridge that reaches the sky
Do you remember what you saw most in your dreams this past year?
A headless man in a buttoned shirt
People from work
People celebrating a birthday with a cake
My friends
Mount Rushmore
Famous people
A cat lying in a basket
Co-workers sitting together
Unidentified people
A guy sitting on the ground holding his head
What helps you calm down when you’re in a bad mood?
Volunteering and helping
Sitting alone and thinking
Going out with friends
Taking a walk alone on the beach or somewhere similar
A lake in a zoo
Choose the animal you most connect to from the following:
Choose the gem that caught your attention first:
A burning arrow
Which of the following best describes you?
You love people
You never give up
You are motivated
You take initiative
You are happy with what you have
A girl with a backpack in the middle of a forest
Which of the following do you think has the strongest connection to the word "love"?
A guy with glasses falling asleep
It’s already the middle of the day and you have a lot more to do...
If I promised to do something, I’ll do it
I’ll continue with full energy not to disappoint myself
I’ll cancel all the plans I have
I'll drink coffee and keep on working
A rowboat at sunset
What is the first word that jumps to your head when you think of "boat"?
A hand pointing to a destination on the globe
A man rowing a rowboat
A party on a boat
A party
Tree at sunset
You are sociable and have a great sense of humor
Two clowns making an older woman happy
You have contagious joie de vivre and people like to be around you and spend their time with you. There is no doubt that you are also alert and aware of small details, but you should know that when you criticize others using your sense of humor, you open yourself up to criticism as well, and when this happens you sometimes act childish which makes people uncomfortable with being emotionally open with you. Know that you have all the capabilities to deal with criticism, you just need to change your attitude and the resulting response.
You are pleasant and kind
A girl holding her hand close to her heart
The central features of your personality are a rare commodity to be preserved and nurtured. Beyond that, the kindness in you, the one that causes you to forgive many things, even things you aren’t necessarily comfortable with, is one of the things that fascinate those around you and make them fall in love with you. However, you should know that sometimes these qualities make you seem indifferent to things that happen around you and prevent you from interfering where your voice should be heard. Try changing your attitude of forgiveness and you’ll find your genuine opinion can make a change in the world.
You are ambitious and willful
A businessman sitting in front of a computer
You are ambitious and have admirable perseverance. You manage to realize most of your dreams and know how and what to do to make up for what you lack. Just remember to keep others in mind on your path to success, making sure not to trample others on your way. Only once you feel true compassion for those in front of you will you achieve all your goals and acquire true friends who will be on your side for life.
You are decisive and opinionated
Judge's gavel
You are an honest and prudent person who calculates their steps in great detail, which is why it‘s no wonder that you succeed in many areas of life. The fact that you don’t get too flustered and come to a decision after a quick review of the situation is certainly a welcome trait, but remember that sometimes there are other people who need to give their consent, and not always are decisions in your hands alone. Therefore, you must be flexible and overcome the instinct of stubbornness that sometimes causes unnecessary conflicts. If you remember to curb this trait will you be open to others opinions which will teach you a thing or two in life.
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