How Do You See Events?

 We have many ways of looking at events. But the human eye, far from the objective eye of a camera, sees in subjective tones. In this personality test, we will give you images to interpret. Look at these images and give your honest interpretation. By doing this you may learn - How do you see events around you?
How does the boy appear to you?
Alone but he is a genius
Popular and talented
A talented boy that needs a quiet room for practicing
Less sociable but he is talented
He doesn't appear to like his violin
What do you think is happening at the moment?
This woman came to visit her husband at the field
This woman is the boss of the working man
This woman cares for the working man and came to check
This woman secretly dreams of the working man
This woman was just passing by
Something else
What does the character desire?
To rest
To be helped, he is probably sad or sick
To kill himself, he's had enough
To be left alone to think
What do you think the character is feeling and thinking?
Tired and like she worked really hard
Very depressed. Something very bad has happened
Sad, as things sometimes go wrong in life
Shocked by the stupidity in the world
Watching a sad movie
What has led up to the event shown in the picture?
The woman is calling somebody in the room
The woman heard something in the room and went to check
The woman was angry and opened the door to fight with her children
The woman is shouting at somebody in the room
The woman was surprised by something, like a burglar
The woman cooked dinner and calls her children
The woman is welcoming a guest
How would this man cope with a major problem?
He would think a lot but not stress
Think of practical solutions to his problem
He would stress and panic
He would try to look on the bright side
He would examine the consequences first
What do you think would make this woman happy?
A pet
Time to heal
A shopping trip
A present from somebody she appreciates
More goodness in this world
What is this woman feeling?
Deep focus
What is the biggest problem this boy has?
His age
His poverty
His limited power
His lack of experience
Nothing, childhood is wonderful
Everything, he hasn't got a shot in this world
What is this guy doing?
Calling for someone to pick him up after his car died
Calling home to say he will be late, he's helping someone with their car
Calling his insurance company
Getting instructions on how to fix his car
Listening to someone berate him about how he was driving
You're a Realist
Based on what you saw in these images, you are the realistic type. Some would say you are pessimistic because you can identify the cause of many unpleasant situations, correctly evaluate the current state of events and predict how they would turn out, based on your practical, logical and solution-oriented thinking. Basically, you see things just as they are and this doesn't make you a pessimist. <br><br> You can successfully accept that sometimes things don’t go as we want them to in life and you can easily adapt to that. You’re smart and introspective: you tend to think of more than others do and can appreciate some alone time. You are independent and persistent, you fight for what you believe in, making you an inspiration to others.
You're an Idealist
Based on what you saw in these images, you are the optimistic-idealistic type. You love the companionship of others and always bring up the positive things in life. Some might wonder how could you be so peaceful and positive all the time: well, it’s hard to accept all those bad things that happen in life and your defense mechanism is thinking and hoping for the good. And it seems to be doing wonders for you: you’re sociable and have tons of friends that are there for you, no matter what.<br><br> Due to our contagious happiness you attract people that are the same as you are, or if not, be sure you have a changing effect on them. You’re rarely anxious, fearful but hardworking, empathetic, cheerful and helping. Who wouldn't want you as a friend?
You're a Pessimist
Based on what you saw in these images, you are the pessimistic type. Don't worry, it's not always a bad thing. Pessimists have had tough life experience, which has conditioned them to protect themselves by finding the problematic elements in every situation first, much like a tongue attracted to the empty space between our teeth, pessimists tend to locate all the issues before venturing into something. As such, you may find things that are not actually there out of caution. This could create false positives, where we think things are worse than they are. This can cost us in life, because it makes it harder for us to give a realistic evaluation. So while it's not a bad thing to be prepared for the worst, it's wise to mix it with some sober realistic expectations, as to hit closer to the mark of reality.
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