How Good a Detective Are You?

 One of my favorite types of thinking challenges are the 'Who Did It?" kind of crime riddles that make me use all my logic and attention to detail to solve. Before you are some mysteries we'd love for you to crack! Beware, some are easier than others. Now, let's get to work, my canny detective.
Can you solve this murder?
How could he be putting back groceries if they had left to the store to get some?
The butler
The maid
The daughter
The son
Who is the crime lord?
Looking at the code upside down, it says 'Bill IS BOSS'
Who killed him?
There is no mail on Sunday...
The Cook
The Wife
The Maid
The Gardener
The Butler
Which key will save his life?
Rearranging the letters, you get 'The Golden Key'.
Silver Key
Golden Key
Black Key
Who was the most likely suspect?
The milkman is the only confirmed male. Since she screamed the name John.
Shop owner
Which door will save her life?
The mobsters would shoot any MAN or WOMAN, but she is a child.
Door 1
Door 2
Door 3
Door 4
Who did it?
It was Audrey the maid. If the room was dark, she wouldn’t have seen Mr. James lying there — unless she already knew it.
Can you solve this mystery?
Who is the thief?
It was a JAPANESE ship, and their flag looks the same upside down, so the first officer was lying.
The Cook
The Engineer
The First Officer
The Navigation Officer
The Radio Officer
Who did it?
Who was the killer?
If it was the first day of school, there should be no exams to check.
Mr. Levi
Mr. Smith
Mr. Costanza
Mr. Williams
Shall We Try Again?
Solving mysteries may not be your thing, or you're just a bit tired and unfocused today. These riddles require an attention to detail and the ability to think about your own thinking. In any case, perhaps try again when you feel more focused, there may be a detective in you yet!
A Promising Detective
While you are not Sherlock Holmes just yet, you are definitely getting there. You've solved quite a few of these tricky mystery riddles, and they aren't that easy for most people. You have an attention to detail that should be nurtured. How about trying again and see if you can solve all of them this time around?
An Ace Detective!
Have you ever thought of taking up a private eye career? You have a great attention to detail and logic to spare! You've aced our detective riddles, and they aren't that easy for most people! Kudos on having an inquisitive and meticulous mind!
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