Our Color Quiz Tells You How Stressed You Are

With the year being 2020, we're all a little bit on edge. Some deal with the year with Zen-like calm, while others are a lot more stressed. This subconscious quiz aims to make you choose colors, shades, and images that hint at the level of stress you are usually going through these days. Answer honestly, don't think too hard, and we'll tell you how stressed you really are.
Think about your financial situation, and then choose a color.
What color would you give your relationship with your family?
Which of these colors do you like the most?
Which of these colors do you like most to wear?
Light Grey, dark grey or white
Blue or dark blue
Which color is the most dominant in this photo, in your opinion?
Which of these Photos is most peaceful in your eyes?
Pick an animal to befriend.
Pick a shade of red.
Pick a shade of blue
Pick an animal to go with your usual mood...
Pick a dessert
Which color do you feel is most spiritual?
You're Almost Stoic!
According to your answers, it takes a LOT to stress you out. You have an almost stoic view on the world, an inner you that is unaffected by events outside your mind. Nothing is that bad, you tell yourself, and you're probably right. This is a wonderful thing, but it can also easily cross from being relaxed to being disconnected. Don't lose your feelings completely. Sometimes we SHOULD be worried or scared. The best things to achieve is truly proportional responses.
Within or below Normal Range
According to your answers, we find that you're not suffering from a lot of stress compared to the average. In fact, you have less-than- average stress, which, in today's standards, is still a fair bit of stress. Try to sleep more and eat more healthy foods. Exercising is also important, and cleaning the house always seems to decrease the amount of stress we have.
A bit too stressed
According to you answers we discovered you have at least one thing burdening your mind with worry. This is more stress than you need to put yourself through! Most things in life we think are our fault somehow, but most of the evils of the world come when you are unprepared and have nothing to do with you. So take some deep breaths every morning, stretch and listen to some relaxing music before going out and confronting the world.
Very Stressed
Oh my, your stress levels are through the roof! What's bothering you so much? Is it a real problem or do you just feel guilty most of the time? There could be many stressors in your life you need to examine each one and decide if it's worth the trouble to deal with. A little meditation in the morning is also good for digestion.
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