This Color Test Will Check Your Optimism

Using the primal power of colors, this personality test will check how light or dark your future outlook is. In other words, are you more of an optimist or more of a pessimist? Let's see what your choices in color have to say about that.
Without actually counting, quickly guess how many different colors are on this woman's head
More than 9
Between 5 and 9
Less than 5
What is the color of this wall?
Which tie do you like the most?
The left one
The middle one
The right one
Quickly guess the number of colors in this photo
More than 9
5 to 9
Less than 5
What is the brightest color in this image?
What is the color of these flowers?
Which photo grabs you most?
Which color in this image is the most potent?
What color would you add to this photo?
None, it's perfect as is
Murtaza Imran Ali
What kind of emotion does this photo invoke in you?
Positive emotions
Negative emotions
Quickly guess the number of colors in this photo
More than 11
Between 6 and 11
Less than 6
You're an optimist! Is that the answer you were 'hoping' for? Did you know? Well you seem to be, by your answers on this quiz! You have a light in your heart that the world turn off. You want things to be good, you want it so bad that you believe they will be. A real optimist doesn't just hope though, and we're sure you do what you can to make sure that happier future comes about. Good things come to those who wait, but great things comes to those who help them along...
According to your answers, you walk a tightrope between pessimism and optimism. Some would just call it realism, but we are all subjective creatures, it's hard for us to be completely without judgement, feeling or subjective perspective, and that is why you sometimes may be pessimistic and sometimes optimistic, depending on your past experience. However, you don't tend to look for the good or the bad, you tend to judge each case by its merit and your past with it. It's a smart place to be.
According to your answers on this test, you seem to be on the darker side when considering possible outcomes. Perhaps this comes from hard life experiences, which have shown you some of the injustice of this world, and how things don't 'always' work out or become better just by waiting around and waiting for them. <br><br> You may be surprised, by pessimism, like everything else, can have its uses. It can help us get off our butt and do something, because we know that if we don't, good things are not just going to magically happen for us. We have to bleed and sweat and work at it and then maybe we'll get something close to what we wanted. We recommend using it as a motivator.
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