How Serious Are You?

Life is serious business, on that most of us can agree. However, it doesn't mean we have to be all serious all the time, while some flee seriousness as if it's a plague. Where do you measure on that scale, are you too serious, or just serious enough? Let's find out!
Pick a word to describe your childhood
As a child, were you often reprimanded for failing to take the situation seriously?
Once or twice and then I learned my lesson
Not really
Of course, all the time
From time to time
Do you like "dark" humor, which makes fun of terrible things?
Yes, I can't help it
Yes, it saves me from becoming sad
No, I never could
It's not really my thing
Yes, the darker the better
How often do you feel anxious when you should be having fun?
Most of the time
All the time
It happens from time to time
Only when I'm just before something scary like a job interview or health test
Do you ever laugh when you're alone?
Yes, but only if I watch something funny
Yes, often
I only laugh around other people
Nope, I might smile, but I don't laugh when I'm alone
When it comes to books and movies, do you prefer documentaries and serious dramas, or lighter, comic and reality shows, more relaxing television?
I like both, depending on my mood at the time
The more fictional it gets, the less I like it. I want to know things and watch more documentaries
I get bored of documentaries, I prefer something more fun to forget about life
I like everything that's fun, whether it be a great comedy or a great documentary
Do you ever feel guilty for having fun?
Yes, all the time
Why would I?
Is it easy to make you laugh?
VERY easy, anything can set me off
It's very hard to make me do more than smile
About the same as the next person
Not really, but once I do laugh I start laughing at anything
How often is your mood badly affected by things that are happening to other people?
All the time. I get depressed when I hear about terrible things happening
Rarely, only when "it's close to home"
From time to time when I hear about something terrible
Never, if it's not affecting me I don't get excited
Are you considered the "funny one" in the family?
Yep, I'm always ready with a joke or a funny comment
I'm the most sarcastic maybe...
No, that's not my part to play
Sometimes, but we're a funny family, everyone is pretty funny
You're walking down the street when you see a 14 year old try to make a jump with a skateboard, missing and falling on his face. You...
Burst out laughing
Have a very quick laugh as I go to help the boy
Gasp and run to make sure he didn't break anything
Keep walking with no comment
What do you consider a bigger problem?
People don't want to work enough
People are working too hard
People don't take responsibility for their actions
Our society is way too restrictive
What are the first thoughts you usually have in the morning about?
Whatever I need to get done that day
A big worry that is always around and hits me as I wake up
Thinking about the dream I had or thinking about something I'm reading/watching
Usually the same thoughts I fell asleep with
You don't take life very seriously... or do you?
From your answers it doesn't seem like you take life too seriously. In fact, it seems like you have a pretty lighthearted approach to life. There are three ways of getting to this state: The absence of trauma, the learning that comes with facing your fears and dealing with them, and sometimes it is a form of denial, of a fear that is too scary to face seriously and so we choose to take very little seriously. <br><br>Whichever it may be for you, we are happy to discover you don't take life TOO seriously. After all, we only live once, and it should be spent with lots of fun and smiles!
You take life seriously enough
You have shown a healthy level of seriousness towards your life. This means you both appreciate the silly, fun side of things but you have very clear boundaries of when something is to be joked at and when it is time to be deadly serious. Life, unfortunately, can be serious enough for all of us, and so it's important to our own psyche and to those of others around us to have clear lines between different situations. <br><br>This attitude is what gives you the ability to derive great pleasure when it's not a serious situation but be completely alert and serious when circumstances demand it. Keep on taking life seriously and not seriously, knowing when to do so is one of the best lessons anyone can learn.
You take life a bit too seriously
Life is serious business. No one can deny that. Disease, aging, war, poverty - these are no laughing matters. However, these things which are so serious, cannot be allowed to fill your world. When we start taking life a bit too seriously, that is when we miss out on life itself. Life is not an event, it's what happens between events. Life is the little moments when we are still breathing, still here, still thinking and feeling. While a lot of that time is dedicated to effort and suffering, a lot of it can be used for fun and pleasure. <br><br>When we allow seriousness to take the fun from us, that is when we have lost the goal we were fighting to achieve in the first place. In other words, serious situations call for seriousness, but between them are times when you should be having fun or doing something you enjoy. Don't let these spaces fill up with serious things, allow the fun, funny and even the silly to take more room in your life - try an acting workshop or something else you never thought you can do - it makes the rest of it worthwhile.
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