How Patient ARE You?

Patience is a virtue, so it is said. But IS it? In this world of lines, waiting and what seems to be never-ending bureaucracy, is being patient right for everyone? Well, we'd like to ask that question of you today. Take our quiz and discover for yourself: How patient ARE you?
How do you feel about waiting in line?
HATE them, It's my personal little hell
Don't love it but if I have my phone with me it's not so bad
I don't mind them, I always have something to think about or do on my phone
I don't mind them, gives me time to think and it's over before you know it
You're talking to someone and they make an obvious grammatical mistake. What do you do?
I Correct them. Immediately.
Nothing. I don't mind.
I may let them know but only if they repeat it in my presence.
I'll let it pass, even though it annoys me a bit.
Do you enjoy reading?
I do, especially books and series of books
I do, especially magazines and online articles
It's hard for me to sit for a long time reading, I'd rather do something
I do, but I often find myself getting bored despite myself
You and a group of friends are at a restaurant waiting for one more person, who is late. How long before you order food without them?
10-20 minutes
I wouldn't wait
20-30 minutes
30-60 minutes
You order something online that you've really been looking forward to. A week later you get a message that says it will take 2 additional weeks to get to you. What do you do?
Nothing. It'll get here eventually. Another two weeks won't make a difference.
Get annoyed and pout a bit. Then get over it.
Get really annoyed and be in a bad mood for a while, email them and try to get it quicker.
Get really angry. Call them and try to fix the situation. If I can't, I'll cancel the order and never order from them again. I'll find someone quicker.
What is your favorite type of movie?
Anything with action
A good thriller or mystery
A good drama or a good comedy
A good documentary or dramatic mini-series
You're sitting in your car at a red light when it changes to green. The car in front of you STILL hasn't moved, what do you do?
Honk the horn immediately until they move
Give them another 5 seconds to get their act together
Honk quickly once to let them know the light is green
Give them some time until they notice the green light
While watching a movie at the cinema, the couple behind you is talking loudly enough to disturb you. What do you do?
I shush them quietly but immediately
I turn to them in anger and make sure they see that I'm pissed off when I tell them to shut up
I wait for someone else to shush them, if no one will, I will eventually shush them myself
I'll let them talk, they'll probably stop eventually
You're standing in line to order at a coffee shop when the person in front of you, now called, is looking through his cellphone. What do you do?
Nothing. I'm sure he'll realize in a second
Touch their shoulder gently to let them know it's their turn
Make a loud noise or cough to let the person know we're waiting on him
Tell at the person to get off his darn phone when waiting in line
Your phone rings. You answer it. It's a telemarketer who wants you to take a survey. What do you do?
Hang up a second after I realize it's a telemarketer.
Tell them assertively that I'm not interested and won't be in the future, ever.
Tell them I'm not interested, but perhaps at a later date when I have some time.
Tell them to go ahead, I like taking surverys.
Impatient and Proud of it
You know you're impatient as heck, and actually - you don't mind in the least. The world is full of inconsiderate people, and they need someone to tell them off once in a while to get them moving. People will walk all over you if you let them, and those who wait until other people behave better are doomed to disappointment. You find the world incredibly tedious, wasting time on small, unimportant things while bigger and better things take too long to wait for. This attitude may be gratifying at times, but can also drive you mad sometimes, because after all, it's a slow world.
Extremely Patient
You're a super patient person and often find yourself bewildered by how impatient other people are. They seem not to be able to stand for more than 10 seconds, shifting their weight, complaining, and looking for stuff to do. For you, waiting is a quiet time, a time for reflection. You find within you a generosity of spirit towards your fellow man or woman, letting them enjoy a little bit of doubt. You like giving them time to correct their behavior, even when they are misbehaving and making everyone wait. You'd like the same consideration, and so you provide it to others. You enjoy reading books and slow-burning movies and can always wait a few more days for something you want. Preserve this trait, for patience, is in very short supply these days.
Somewhere in the Middle
Like many people, you can get impatient throughout your day. Who doesn't? With all the traffic, lines and waiting, of course sometimes you lose your cool. Then again, other times, you are happy enough to let things go and enjoy a slow day. It really depends on your mood, what happened that day, and if you're in a rush. All in all, it seems like you have a good balance between impatience and patience, without one of them having more dominion than the other.
A Patient Person
While you understand impatience, and it IS an annoying world sometimes, filled with lines and waiting, you never quite got why some people are SO impatient. Life is long, things happen when they do, and getting mad all the time is not gonna change that. Of course, you are not a saint, there are times when you lose your cool or you really don't feel like being delayed and you get annoyed with other people. But this is more of a rare occurrence for you, something you remember later, because it goes against your usual character. You're a live and let live kind of person. At times, you even enjoy waiting for good things, because it makes their arrival that much sweeter. We need more people with your kind of patience!
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