Discover Your Personal Subconscious Archetype

One of the most interesting theories in psychology is the analytical theory of Carl Jung. This theory divides the psyche of a person to various subconscious archetypes. His theories have been used for a long time, surviving to today in both dynamic psychoanalysis as well as books and movies. We all have several archetype, but we usually have a primary one. Care to find out yours?
Pick the line that you most connect to.
Where there's a will, there's a way
All people are created equal
Only drunks and children tell the truth
One ant can collapse an entire dam
How do you feel about rain?
I love being outside in the rain
I love being inside when it rains
I don't really care if it rains or not
I hate the rain
Choose your preferred color:
You and your friends are planning a trip. Which role will you play?
I'll order the tickets and take care of reservations
I'll plan our route
I'll let the others do the work and I'll take care of the fun
I'll look for something no one thought to take care of
You are waiting for your flight when you get a message it's going to be 4 hours late. What do you think?
There must be a good reason for it.
It's ok. I'll rest or read a book.
I'll start worrying about the flight getting cancelled.
I'll get annoyed and angry
When you're on a plane, do you prefer an aisle or window seat?
Why do some people look up to you?
My loyalty
My organisational skills
My sense of humor
My strength
Are you more of an introvert or more of an extrovert?
Which of these bad qualities are you closest to having?
Being too naive
Being a bit condescending
Being messy or disorganized
Holding a grudge
Choose your favorite type of story (book, tv or movie):
Action and/or thriller
I don't have a preference
Comedy and/or romance
Science fiction and/or fantasy
Choose the animal you feel you would connect with most:
Which of these do you feel is most important to you?
What is the LEAST important thing here?
Being right
Material possessions
Social status
You Are the Hero
One of your main attributes is how loyal you are to your own 'group' - your friends, family, and the people you care about. Another salient trait is that you always seem to know what's the right thing to do and have no qualms about going ahead and doing it. Sometimes you may feel like "you don't have what it takes" to get it done, but time after time, when you pit your will and need to help against the world, you usually make sure you give the help that's needed.
You Are the Wise One
Out of all the people around you, there's NO ONE better to go to for some advice. In your circle, you are the wizard, the wise person, the one with that rare mix of both intelligence and experience that culminate in wisdom. You are very good at showing people the bigger picture of their lives and what path they are currently on. In other words, you are the Gandalf of your group! That said, the wise do not always listen to their own advice as much as they should.
You Are the Clown
Some people make the world happen, and some people make the world WORTH happening. Your archetype makes the world a much more fun place to live. You are the one who brings life, smiles, and humor to your group. You are the element of good chaos that turns boring, awkward conversations to well-oiled and fun exchanges of friendly banter and lively conversation. Don't be mistaken, though. Clowns are NOT fools. Most clowns are smart enough to use their considerable charm and social influence to their (or their loved ones') benefit.
You Are the Shadow
You are a mysterious person who doesn't tend to expose his inner thoughts to others. You have trust issues with new people as well as old friends, and that's why you've learned, and long-ago, CHOSE, to put yourself and your priorities first. Not because you are selfish or hate other people, but because you don't believe others care about you that much. Few are born disliking the company of other people. It is a thing learned through pain, and you make no excuses for it.
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