The False Memory Test

How good is your long-term memory? To test such a thing, we'd need to wait years to ask you... or we can present you with 2 options in each question, offering you one fake and one true image of a famous ad, brand or other familiar image. How well does your long-term memory hold? Let's see...
Which is correct?
Which is correct?
Keep going...
What's the right movie title?
Interview With The Vampire
Interview With A Vampire
Which fruit loops is true?
What did she say?
"Mirror mirror on the wall"
"Magic mirror on the wall"
How was it spelled?
Looney Tunes
Looney Toons
Which is correct?
What did it look like?
What's the correct name?
The Berenstain Bears
The Berenstein Bears
What's the correct title?
Sex and the City
Sex in the City
What's the correct logo?
Try Again?
These are old logos and boxes and of course are very hard to remember exactly, that is why this is quite the tricky test, with fake details to further confuse you! If you'd like to, perhaps try again for a better score.
Good work!
You have a very good long-term memory, as evidenced by your good score on this quiz. You may not have gotten everything right (check our answers if you'd like) but you sure as heck shown us you have a great memory for detail.
Truly Impressive!
Wow, you truly have a magnificent long-term memory for details, as shown by your high score! These are old ads and product graphics but you still remember them so well you wouldn't even be fooled by something that LOOKED like it! Your memory is truly impressive!
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