Runs Jokes

Why don't skeletons ski the black diamond runs at Copper Mountain?
They've got soul, but they just don't have the heart for it.
What do you call an elf who runs away from Santa's Workshop? A rebel without a Claus!
“What do you call an elf that runs away from Santa’s Workshop? A rebel without a Claus.”
Nothing runs a pun like bad spelling, accept poor grammar's.
What runs around a garden but never moves? A fence.
What runs but can't walk? The faucet!
What runs but doesn't get anywhere? A refrigerator.
Do you know why diarrhea is hereditary? Because it runs through your jeans. What would you do if I stole a kiss? Call the Police
Two cowboys are lost in the desert. One cowboy sees a tree that’s draped in bacon. “A bacon tree ! We’re saved!” He says. He runs to the tree and is shot up with bullets.
It wasn’t a bacon tree, it was a ham bush.
I like long runs on the beach.
What do you call a winged insect that hits home runs?
A fly swatter.
Did you hear a gnome's favorite sport is baseball?
They love to score gnome runs.
A strawberry usually needs batteries when it runs out of juice.
Grandma runs the kitchen like a turtle-tarian; give her some space there.
How do you know if a tiger is male or female?
Throw a rock at it. If he runs it's a male. If she runs it's a female.
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