What do you call a winged insect that hits home runs?
A fly swatter.
What runs around a garden but never moves? A fence.
Why don't skeletons ski the black diamond runs at Copper Mountain?
They've got soul, but they just don't have the heart for it.
A strawberry usually needs batteries when it runs out of juice.
What do you call an elf who runs away from Santa's Workshop? A rebel without a Claus!
“What do you call an elf that runs away from Santa’s Workshop? A rebel without a Claus.”
Did you hear a gnome's favorite sport is baseball?
They love to score gnome runs.
Grandma runs the kitchen like a turtle-tarian; give her some space there.
How do you know if a tiger is male or female?
Throw a rock at it. If he runs it's a male. If she runs it's a female.
Two cowboys are lost in the desert. One cowboy sees a tree that’s draped in bacon. “A bacon tree ! We’re saved!” He says. He runs to the tree and is shot up with bullets.
It wasn’t a bacon tree, it was a ham bush.
What runs but can't walk? The faucet!
What runs but doesn't get anywhere? A refrigerator.
Do you know why diarrhea is hereditary? Because it runs through your jeans. What would you do if I stole a kiss? Call the Police
Nothing runs a pun like bad spelling, accept poor grammar's.
I like long runs on the beach.
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