Root Jokes

My ex-girlfriend is like the square root of -1,.... she's imaginary.
A piano player got arrested at a wedding...
He was trying to root the relatives.
I put my root beer in a square glass
Now I just have beer
A tree fell over in our yard but we aren't sure why.
We're looking for the root cause.
What football team do energy providers root for the most? The Chargers”
What football team do energy providers root for the most?
The Chargers.
I'm investigating the tooth fairy, and it's going well...
I've managed to get a molar into her operation. I'm going to find out the tooth at the root of all this.
Why are trees such great drivers? They always take the shortest root.
Why was the tree doctor so good at his job? He could always get to the root of the problem.
Why aren’t trees competitive sports fans? They like to root for everyone.
What happens when you blend an artificial waterway with a tree? You get a root canal.
Why did the Sugar Maple have to go to the dentist? It really needed a root canal.
What do trees drink at their parties? Root beer.
Why did the tooth see a therapist?
To get to the root of their problems.
What should you do if you drop a root vegetable face down?
Turnip over.
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