Poet Jokes

Longfellow is the known poet of basketball.
Wife: why do dad's have the worst jokes?

Me: It's a rule, dads have to have cringy jokes

Wife: Who makes those rules?

Me: The Dad Poet Society

Wife: (Groan)
There once was a poet named Bates
Whose limericks were never that great
His first lines weren't bad
But the problem he had
Was he always tried to fit way too many syllables in at the end.
Over quarantine, I’ve really gotten into gardening. I am especially enamored with growing chard varieties. So much so I’ve written a book of poems about their taproots.
I hope to one day be recognized as the beet poet of our generation!
What do you call a drunk medieval poet?
I knew a vampire who became a poet.
He went from bat to verse.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I ain't no poet, but neither are you.
I went to see a beet poet the other day. There were lots of hip peas there.
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