Meat Jokes

The other day I asked an Alaskan guy if he wanted to eat some seal meat.
He wasn’t really inuit
You know I always wanted to open my own sandwich shop. I would have all the meat and bread money could buy...
Problem was I was afraid something would go a rye
My doctor told me to cut down on red meat.
So, could you brown it up a bit?
You really ate dog meat? How was it?
.... ruff
Eating no meat except fish is really bothersome.
I should stop being a Pesky-tarian.
“Red meat is not bad for you. Now, blue-green meat—that’s bad for you!”
— Tom Smothers
Are you a shopping cart?
Because I wanna drop my meat in you.
How did the cutlery greet the steak?
Knife to meat you!
I checked the meat thermometer, and you’re officially one hot bird.
"Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you!" - Tommy Smothers
Would you like to try some of this dark meat?
Wanna take a look at my meat thermometer?
What happened when the butcher backed up into the meat grinder? He got a little behind in his work!
Why did the butcher work overtime at the grocery store? To make ends meat!
What did the judge say at the finale of the meat throwing competition? The steaks have never been higher!
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