I’m sick of martial arts.
I have kung flu.
What do you call a martial artist who injured his leg?
Bruised Knee.
If a young goat learns a martial art, are they a karate kid?
What do you call a pig that knows martial arts?
Pork Chop
What martial art does Earth know?
There are so many forms of martial arts, it’s hard to keep track of.
Kind of.. Kung Fusing
What martial art do monkeys practice?
Flung Poo.
A Chinese Guy stands next to me in a bar and starts drinking

I asked him: "Do you know any of those martial arts like Ju jitsu, or Kung Fu?"

"Why do you ask, is it because I'm Chinese?"

"No it's because you're drinking my beer."
What do you call a martial arts expert in a tree?
Bruce Leaf.