What to give your favorite electrical engineer for his birthday?
Where’s a dolphin’s favorite place to drink?
A dive bar!
What’s a dolphin’s favorite constellation?
The Big Dipper!
What's a pirate's least favorite letter?
Dear sir,

Your internet access has been terminated due to illegal usage.

Sincerely, your service provider.
What’s a Movers favorite football team?
The Packers!
What is a defensive football players favorite dessert?
Apple Turnover.
My favorite fruit is the pear.
Because if you have two and you eat one, you still have a pear left.
What is an electrician’s favorite flavor of ice cream? Shock-a-lot.”
What is the energy provider’s favorite dance? The electric slide.”
What is a Jedi electrician’s favorite tool? His lightsaber”
What is a jedi electrician’s favorite tool?
His lightsaber.
What is an energy provider’s favorite dance?
The electric slide.
What is a light bulb’s favorite kind of news?
Current events.
What is an outlet’s favorite song?
I’ve Got The Power.
What is a plug’s favorite chant at a sporting event?