Daughters Jokes

What did the drummer name his twin daughters?
Anna one, Anna two...
There was an Old Man of Marseilles,
Whose daughters wore bottle-green veils;
They caught several Fish,
Which they put in a dish,
And sent to their Pa' at Marseilles.
My wife’s fantasy is to be with another man. Mine is to have two girls at the same time.
She must have misunderstood because now we have twin daughters from the mailman.
What did the drummer name his twin daughters?
Anna1, Anna2
If I ever had identical twin daughters, I'd name the first one Kate....
and the second one Duplikate.
“My daughters only six months old and already drawing. I’d hang it on the fridge, but honestly, its absolute garbage.” – Ryan Reynolds
I'm not talking to my sister's spoiled daughters.
It's beniece me.
Are you one of Job's daughters?
Because you're twice as beautiful as any other girl I've ever seen.
Why did dad shave his daughters barbie?
She wanted 100 doll hairs.
Don’t let your grandparents have daughters.
That’s how you get aunts.
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