Bass Jokes

What keeps the beat in a baseball song?
The bass line.
I tried to play a bass guitar once.
It didn't make much sound, and it slipped out of my hands and swam away.
What did the upright bass say to the nervous guitar?
“You’re too high strung, don’t fret.”
What is the favorite sport for the young bass? It is the bass get ball.
What's a fish's favorite musical instrument?
A bass guitar.
The Music of the Rainforest Some European explorers were traveling through the Amazon rainforest with some natives as guides... when they started hearing drums in the distance. Puzzled the Europeans inquired, “we hear drums? What does that mean?” The Natives answered, “When drums stop, very bad.” Reluctantly the exploration continues. After 5 minutes the drums had started getting louder and the explorers started getting nervous. “The drums sound closer, and we think they are getting louder! What does it mean?” “When drums stop, very bad.” Doing their best to maintain composure the Europeans kept moving. About 5 minutes later the drums abruptly stop and the explorers panic. “The drums have stopped! What should we do?!” “When drums stop, very bad, now comes bass solo.”
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