Bark Jokes

Scientists have genetically modified a Venus Fly Trap to have the skin of a cactus
They say its bark is worse than its bite.
Why did the cat run away from the tree? Because of its bark!
Why are cats scared of trees?
Because of their bark.
There was a young lady from the Azores
Whose box was all covered with sores
And the dogs in the street
Wouldn’t bark at the meat
that hung in festoons from her drawers.
If a tree had a mouth, wood it bark?
Why are dogwood trees amazing pets? They have a great bark and a wooden bite.
. How can you easily identify a dogwood tree? By listening to the bark.
What is a dog’s favorite movie about dinosaurs?
Jurassic Bark.
Why did the dog fail his driving test?
Because he couldn’t parallel bark.
What type of dog doesn’t bark?
A hush puppy.
What happened to the dog who ate too much garlic?
Its bark was worse than its bite.
Why don’t dogs bark at their feet?
It isn’t polite to talk back to your paw.
What do a tree and a bog dog have in common?
They both have a lot of bark.
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