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These Lazy Fixes May Not Be Pretty, But They Work!

Laziness is often the source of creativity and innovation. Legend has it, that’s why the first TV remote was created in 1950 (but that’s another story for another time). This lazy but creative approach is also apparent in the way people solve everyday problems - but not always successfully.

Who needs a dog cone when you have an empty bag of dog food? Why repair a dent in the road with concrete when you can just use a few sacks of sand to patch it up? This is the kind of tomfoolery you’re about to see in these 15 lazy fixes, and it will make you laugh and cry out, “There must be a better way to do this!”

1. "Bring a little luxury into your car"

Lazy Fixes car lamp

2. The laziest picnic in the world!

Lazy Fixes sausages in volcano

3. It works, I guess...

Lazy Fixes shaving fix

4. Is it just me, or is this bubble wrap hat actually cute?

Lazy Fixes bubble wrap hat

5. I see how this can be convenient, but wouldn't it be much easier to use a light fixture?

Lazy Fixes container lamp

6. We're speechless!

Lazy Fixes dent in the road

7. Just don't confuse Windex and soy sauce!

Lazy Fixes soy sauce spray bottle

8. "What? There was no table space left for the lamp..."

Lazy Fixes hanging lamp

9. Sometimes, you just don't have a choice...

Lazy Fixes broken fly

10. There you go! A perfect garden ensemble

Lazy Fixes bathtub bench and table in the garden

11. No offense, but this DIY Christmas tree mount could be kind of dangerous

Lazy Fixes Christmas tree mount

12. This is a pretty good temporary solution. The stress is on 'temporary'

Lazy Fixes mason jar lamp

13. Genius!

Lazy Fixes car swing

14. This is one expensive fence!

Lazy Fixes iPhone fence

15. The vet clinic was out of doggie cones

Lazy Fixes doggie cone DIY
Source of all images: Acid Cow
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